This video is proof of how well you can play with automatic golf.

First things first, Ray is not a client of mine. When I met him (through a friend of a friend) I’d only heard he was a pretty good golfer. When I saw him play I was amazed at his ability. Just for starters,

  • He has never taken formal golf lessons
  • Doesn’t spend too much time on the practice fairway – but loves to play
  • Doesn’t think too much about his swing
  • Has only been playing for about 10 years
  • Plays off a scratch (or 1) handicap
  • Is a Club Champion

When I met him Ray had just competed in a large amateur golf tournament. He was up against some of the best players in Scotland, including International representatives. He made it through to the semi-final, only just losing that match. Not bad considering his age and his apparent lack of experience.

With automatic golf, anything can happen. Watch the video below.

On the next page I answer some of the most common questions I receive about Automatic Golf.

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