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After 20 years of research into golf and the improvement process, I know of no quicker way to get your game back on track than with automatic learning. Other terms for “automatic” are instinctive and natural – no matter what word you use, this approach works with you rather than against, and is based on how you learn other skills (like riding a bike, throwing a ball etc).

So there’s no complicated or confusing golf tips or rules to remember. If you can ride a bike then you have the necessary talent to start playing better golf. So this instruction is “frustration-free” and can have you playing better almost immediately. Playing better golf by the weekend (or your next round) is not uncommon. To help you get kicked off in the right direction I’ve put together a short E-course that outlines the fundamentals of natural/automatic learning. It’s more solid than traditional “golf tip” type thinking – giving you more meaningful results and progress.

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This information started out as a paid content ($49-$99). It did quite well but I found many golfers reluctant to take the first step because of the financial commitment. With so many dodgy and hyped up products on the Internet I really can’t blame people for being skeptical.

So the course is now free and it is designed to give you an insider look at how Automatic Golf works and more importantly, how to apply the principles to your own game.

You will receive the content in the following order.

1. Introduction to Automatic Golf: This PDF is a hard-hitting report that outlines why you currently struggle with your golf game and what you can do about it. It’s a little controversial and not your usual golf learning material. If you’re expecting typical instruction and hype, probably best you don’t join up.

2. Bonus video: You need to see this video as it shows an example of what’s possible when you play golf automatically. This case study will hopefully provide you enough motivation to give AG a try. (hint: leave those golf tips behind forever)

More info:

You’ll also be added to my newsletter list. Each week or so I add a new golf lesson to my blog and I may send you an email to notify you. At the time of writing there are close to 500 free golf articles and thousands of comments from eager golfers. This alone is a tremendous learning resource.

Please note: These are unique articles written by me. They are not some BS scrapped together from an article site or rehashed garbage plucked from the Internet. They are fresh and game changing lessons designed to help you with your game. And they’re all based on natural learning principles

And I sell stuff. If you check out the site you’ll see a lot of great free information – this is not going to change. I do offer paid products for golfers looking for extra help. There’s no obligation to buy anything but I do send emails from time to time offering these products.

To summarise: I sell stuff and I email you about it. If this makes you uncomfortable then please don’t subscribe. There’s also an unsubscribe link in every email. If you no longer wish to receive my emails you can stop them right away.

Here’s my privacy policy if you’re keen to check it out. Bottom line, your details are safe. I don’t rent, sell or give away your details to anyone. I rarely promote any other golf products (most are no good) in the hope of making some fast cash. I’m very fussy with who and what I promote and any offers I forward to you come highly recommended by me. Read: I use them myself.

One last thing…

To reduce the risk of spam I do ask for a double opt-in certification. This means you’ll initially receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to this course. Once you have confirmed, the information will flow freely to you. The PDF will arrive straight away with the other lessons every other day or so.

Hope all this makes sense and if you have any questions please contact me. To get started please fill in the form below.