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"The Only True Way To Play Consistent Golf and Unlock Your A-Game"

How to actually improve your game without destroying your confidence in the process...

From: The Desk Of Cameron Strachan - Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Dear Golfer,

Golf can be a debacle. You're up one shot and struggling the next - is there any way out of the inconsistency? If you've come this far you've watched the BioSwing video or consumed some of my other content and looking to play your best golf.

Hopefully by now you've had a chance to make some golf swings. No ball, just some swings out in the backyard.

Here's the key to reliable golf improvement...

Can you feel your swing? Can you sense your body and where the club is throughout the motion? Can you feel how the body MUST support the fast moving hands and arms?

Almost all golfers get get results when they become aware of their body.

But something happens. The adult mind likes to think. It takes over. It analyses each part of your swing…

When this happens golf gets difficult. You'll tighten and the magic is lost.

The trick is to keep the conscious mind out of the swing. Especially when you play.

The very best golfers understand this. They are able to train their golf swing and then trust it. They are not trying to fix their golf swing when they have a scorecard in their back pocket.

But how do you trust your golf swing?

You've been told that 90% of golf is between the ears, but why is it that 90% of golf instruction is aimed at your technique? It's madness. What's needed is an attitude adjustment.

You struggle with your golf game, not because you lack talent and aren't any good. Nope. It's because you disrupt your learning system and from here trust is impossible.

When you're consciously trying to control you golf swing you are telling your system,

"I don't trust you"
"I know better than you"
"I can override my instincts"

But you can't. It's impossible...

We all have an inbuilt learning system that can hit the ball. This is why you are able to play those amazing shots and shoot a good score every now and then. This is when you're able play to your potential.

But conscious thought, thinking too much and trying to fix your swing all leads to learning and performance issues. No matter how hard you try, you're messing with Mother Nature and she can't be beaten.

A Mental Shift That Not Only Makes Learning Possible,
It Guarantees it ...

Listen up. The golf world is full of new technology and people who will tell you what you need to do,

- swing like this
- do that
- don't do that
- buy this club and you'll be fixed

But nobody is telling HOW to improve. No one is showing you how to blend technical instruction with your learning system so improvement is as easy as riding a bike or throwing a ball.

This is where I'm different...

... I've spent 20+ years questioning the status quo and asking the hard questions. I've thought long and hard why so many of us crazy golfers get worse when we take lessons. I've wondered why golf is so hard for us, despite our best efforts and succeeding at other areas of our life.

My story is unique and I think I'm more than qualified to help you;

  • I started golf when I was 14 years old and scored 156 first game out
  • Improved quickly, scoring a par round within a few months
  • Within 12 months I shot a round with 9 birdies and an eagle
  • Won a golf scholarship. Had lots of lessons. Lost my game
  • Felt like quitting. Even had an airswing
  • Stumbled upon "natural learning" and instantly felt at ease
  • Shot 14 rounds in a row of par or better
  • Got to a scratch handicap for first time
  • Took more lessons and lost the plot for second time (I can be a slow learner)
  • Got involved in a scientific study of the golf swing (BioSwing)
  • Was one of the first non scientists to speak at the ISBS
  • Used my experience with science and natural learning to devise a better coaching system

Bottom line?

I've seen both sides of the fence. I've seen the technical, "build a perfect golf swing" mindset and I've seen the "win golf with your mind" attitude.

Let me tell you. Golf requires a combination of both. It's not so simple to master one area at the expense of the other. You need a decent swing and then you've got to learn to play with that swing. This all requires a deeper understanding than basic technique - you need the HOW.

And I might just be one of the few golf coaches going around that can help you learn a better golf swing without you destroying your game in the process. I can help you take your best golf game from the practice fairway to the first tee consistently. I can teach you to play free from fear and learn to harness the nerves and play your best golf.

Tell me, has this ever happened to you?

You take a lesson and the pro wants to change your swing. You go away and work on your game. The next time you play you're full of confidence and enthusiasm - that is until you hit your opening shot.

Slice. Hook. Duff. Lack of power. You can't hit the ball. You're all over the place.

From here you try harder, forcing your brain to remember what the pro told you. But the harder you try the worse you become. It's a nightmare!

And if you're not careful, you can spend years in the golfing doldrums. You go back for more lessons, and the pro keeps giving you extra tips. Your mind is really mixed up now.

The frustrating thing is that sometimes you play well. It's frustrating because it feels like your doing the same thing, but you keep getting completely different results.

Let me just come out and say it. The above experience is normal but it goes against exactly how we should be learning. The majority of the golf industry disrupts our learning system and causes more frustration and pain than necessary.

A smarter, effective and more natural way to improve your golf game

I've been consumed by golf methodology for the past few years. One plane, two plane, modern swing etc. For the past 3 weeks I've tried your "method", implemented them and have had the most fun "playing" golf I've ever had, and shot in the low 70's. I haven't hit balls at the range like I used to do 3-4 times a week and I'm still playing great....thanks for your insights!

Tim C, San Diego

The vast majority of golf instruction is focused on the swing. Most of it misses the point because there's no real coaching on how to take that swing from concept stage and make it work for you.

The mental gurus aren't much better. They go around preaching that you can build the best game just by thinking better. This is all well and good, but what happens when you just can't hit the ball? You need some swing instruction.

Even if you have a combination of physical and mental skills, to be your best you need a way that allows some flexibility. Some teachers are so strict that golf success becomes a chore;

- you need to do the same thing over and over again
- you have to visualise
- you have to “think” in a certain way
- you need to be positive

But this rigidness doesn’t allow you to be you. When you lose the ability to play golf how you want, the game becomes boring (and way harder than it needs to be). What you need is the best of both worlds ...

... A system that allows you to play with confidence (because you know you’re on the right track) + let your own personality,swing and style shine through.

My Simple Golf Learning System

This takes a look at the critical elements of your golf game, particularly your mindset, in greater detail. I look at the fundamentals of your routine and dissect what some of the best players are doing that you’re definitely not. I show you how you can fix your swing and still be able to swing the club with confidence.

And finally, I show you a step-by-step method that allows you to apply what you learn and head to the course with supreme confidence. You'll learn how to master your golf game.

And this is the hardest part, isn’t it?
Getting new stuff to stick. There's an abundance of information available out there, but how much of it has actually worked for you? Why are you still frustrated? Why can't you play consistently?

And because it’s hard to make changes you tend to get lost. You don’t improve and you even go backwards. Golf becomes a frustrating merry-go-round of poor scores and countless wasted opportunities. You despise the game and promise to keep quitting. But my Simple Learning System changes your focus and helps to get you back in control. It helps you to find:

  • Better attitude - an attitude that is focused around learning, performance and enjoyment (and good scores too)
  • Improved Swing Technique - a better and more natural swing. Learn to swing with confidence and without fear.
  • Strong mental game - better understand the key components of the mental game so you're not bogged down and can think normally
  • Play under pressure - perform your best out on the golf course. This is where it truly matters and what the game is about. If you’re able to play well in practice, but stuff up on the course, then what’s the point?
  • Better practice - learn to work within the confines of your inbuilt learning system so you improve each time you practice
  • Enjoyment - find greater meaning and satisfaction with your golf game. Break free from the worry of score, handicaps and results.
  • Mastery - finally learn how to play your best golf more of the time. This is mastery and the holy grail of consistent golf.

His passion is the beauty of playing the game of golf and the deeply rewarding learning that can come from it, and in coaching himself and others, I honestly don't know of anyone, in a very confused world of golfers and coaches, who does it better.

The reason Cameron is so good at what he does is because of his greatest strength; and that's his ability to walk his talk. He puts his thoughts to the test time after time. Strachan will not die wondering.

Scott Barrow, What's

The article is beautiful! … this is a very good reminder that much of what goes wrong in regular sport play really is a matter of chance. Very nice.

Jeff Simmons, Professor of Sports Psychology, California State University

Make these small adjustments and you'll start to ignite your passion, enthusiasm and your best golf game

My system works around three core principles. Mindset, The Swing and Mastery. None are more important than the other two - they are equally vital to understand. Here's some more details;

  • Mindset

If you're frustrated, confused and fed up with your golf game you'll need a mindset adjustment. You can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect a different result. This means,

    • you can't keep continually working on your swing technique and expect to play better
    • you can't keep worrying about your handicap/score and think you'll play better
    • you can't keep thinking you have no talent or skill and believe you'll find consistency
    • you can't keep playing with fear and hope that something magical will happen

A better mindset is the starting point. With just a slight change you'll see your golf game differently and start tapping into your natural and incredibly powerful learning system.

The Swing  The Swing. It's every golfers favorite starting point. But it shouldn't be. First comes MINDSET and then comes the SWING.

And by SWING I'm not talking about having the "perfect" technique and a swing so fundamentally sound you'll never hit a poor shot. I don't think this is possible and it might be the quickest way to golfing annihilation.

What I'm after is HOW you can unlock your own natural swing that is ideal for you. A swing that feels right at home and gives you the most power and accuracy possible. A golf swing that is YOU and will give you years of enjoyment and countless memorable golf shots.

  • Mastery

In my mind, this is where the good stuff lives. This is the part that gives you the most enjoyment because this is where you learn to perform your best out on the course,

  • when the pressure is on
  • when your heart is pumping
  • when golfing buddies think you'll fail

Mastery is being able to take your game from the practice fairway to the 1st tee. Mastery is neglected by most because we think our swing is the most important part. It's not. If you're able to play well sometimes or when the pressure is off then you have the skill - your problem is nobody has shown you how to MASTER your golf game.

Cam I owe you a debt of gratitude so vast that I would love to meet you in person one day and shake your hand. Please continue on your path, you are going to help so many people with your teaching methods, and the respect I have for you to follow your convictions and "buck the conventional way" is enormous.

Thanks again Cam you’re a bloody legend!!”

Richard Cahill, Melbourne, Australia

My Ballsy Guarantee

I’ve been thinking deeply about this golf stuff for a while now and stand behind my coaching. If you follow my advice and don’t improve then you shouldn’t have to pay – that’s my philosophy. I think it’s only fair that we both shoulder the responsibility. So here’s my super ballsy guarantee for this product.

1. If part 1 doesn’t give you a spark, a moment of inspiration or realisation or the feeling of wanting to go out and play golf, then close the package and send me an email and I’ll happily refund your money in full.

2. If by the end of Part 2 you haven’t got a greater understanding of YOUR golf swing and haven’t experienced a freer, more powerful (and natural) golf swing, then please contact me and your purchase will be returned in full.

3. If the Mastery section of this course doesn’t have you jumping out of your skin and makes you feel excited about playing golf then I’ll happily refund your money.

3b. If you don’t experience a major breakthrough, like your best round, a career shot or something you’d consider “remarkable” within 60 days of purchase, you can ask for a full refund.

4. The bottom line is I stand behind this product, in many way’s it’s my life’s work and I’m proud of it. When you first check it out and you’re not impressed by the quality and the amount of game-changing information within, then please ask for an immediate refund.


What's So Good About This Product?

Books are great. You can learn lots from them and they’ll always have their place. But learning happens more effectively when we ignite all our senses. So this product utilises the written word, imagery, videos and audio.

Not only do you get more bang for your buck, but you’ll learn more quickly too. You learn what you’re doing incorrectly and then be shown HOW to make meaningful correction.


Plus, this product continues to evolve over time. It started out as a simple PDF and grown. And it has grown thanks to the feedback of my customers. I’ve answered their most pressing questions and created more content to help ALL golfers get more from their game. Here are some of the extra bonus material that is contained within.

Bonus #1

Remarkable Golf Mp3: A professionally recorded and edited audio file that shares some of my best stories and strategies for playing golf at the master level.

Usually $25


Bonus #2

Secret Confessions of a Rogue Golf Coach (e-book): My latest thoughts and ideas after 20 years of research and study into automated learning. Also answers some of the most common questions golfers have and how to overcome typical issues.

Usually $25


Bonus #3

BioSwing Secrets e-book: My insider secrets to the Golf Swing of the Future. Get the latest tips, tricks and techniques for mastering this golf swing.

Usually $49


Bonus #4

Golfer's Nightmare e-book: My original work on natural and automatic learning. Still relevant today and my all time best seller.

Usually $25


Bonus 5:

Golf Mastery Video: Get immediate access to all the videos (and notes) from Australia's first ever natural learning workshop. Over 90 minutes of content and you actually get to see the participants learn before your eyes.

Usually sells between $77 - $150

Just So You're Sure...

Cameron's Simple Golf Learning System is a multi-media electronic product. Purchase gives you immediate access to the private website where you have lifetime access to the content (and any new content that is added).

All information is laid out in a logical order and purchase gives you direct access to me. Please check my guarantee as your purchase is protected by my no stuffing about warranty.

Standard - $177Deluxe - $187
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Instant Access YesYes
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Mastery ModuleYesYes
Golf Improvement ChecklistYesYes
Unlimited Email SupportYesYes
Bonus Stuff
All the bonus materialsYesYes
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