Some common questions that I get asked:

Where should I start?

The best place is to watch the free golf instruction videos and the golf articles on my main golf website. Then, you can put into practice what you learn. The next step is to sign up to my golf newsletter to increase your knowledge and level of play further.

What is your #1 golf lesson?

Learn to play more and think less. I often refer to this as playing automatically. This golf blog contains mountains of free advice on how to do this.

What’s the #1 fault most club golfers make?

They don’t trust their own learning capabilities. Most golfers have been playing for five or more years and have less confidence than when they started. Can you imagine having no confidence about walking or throwing a ball after five years? It just wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately it’s very normal for golfers and something that I hope to rectify.

I’ve tried automating my golf swing but I didn’t get better. What should I do?

It’s not a quick fix so keep going. Another common mistake is golfers give up too early when they don’t see results. If you’re not prepared to stick it out I can’t help you. It’s unlikely anyone else will either.

“I don’t need to automate my golf swing, I just need to fix my swing and I’ll be fine”

I’ve heard this many times. A mad scientist once said to me, “you’re not special – follow the process like everyone else and you’ll improve”. I must agree. It’s human nature to think we can do as we please and see results. It rarely happens.

If you’ve been playing golf for more than a few years and can’t improve you should learn to play automatically.

Are you against all forms of golf instruction?

I’m not against everything. I became frustrated with all of the conflicting advice that I was hearing from coaches and other experts. I got involved in science to learn the answers for myself. This taught me two things;

1. A majority of golf instruction that gets taught is incorrect or misleading.
2. My natural swing was better than anything that any coach could teach me.

I enjoy listening and learning from those that have taken the time to understand the learning process and don’t follow all traditional methods blindly.

I’m just starting out, do I need to automate my game?

When you’re learning golf you have to (unfortunately) go through the uncomfortable stage of hitting poor shots and not being very good. There is no way around this and you will need to spend time thinking about your swing.

My target audience are long term golfers. Usually they have been playing for more than two years. If this is the case then I think you should automate your golf game.

If you’ve been playing for less than two years my advice is to play, have fun and keep doing this until you get stuck. When you do struggle, learn to play automatically, this will help you play better and more consistently.

Do you practice what you preach?

I pride myself on this. I never teach or recommend anything that I wouldn’t do myself. By relearning how to play naturally I’ve reinvented myself, I am playing the best golf of my life and enjoy golf more than ever.

Do I need to purchase your products to get better?

It’s not always necessary. I have included nearly all of my best information on this blog in some shape or form. You are free to use it to help your game. Some people enjoy the E-books because the information is located in the one spot in easy reading format.

The training aides offer better feedback for improving your swing – they can make your job easier learning a natural and instinctive move. They provide instant feedback – this gives you the confidence that you’re doing things correctly.

Can I use your information on my website or elsewhere?

As long as the material is not changed and proper references and sources (including links) are included. Any purchased product is for private use and cannot be distributed without my permission.

Can you guarantee I’ll play better?

No. There are no promises. Ultimately it’s up to you. I believe if you follow my system you will play better but I have no control over what you do when you’re on the course.

I do offer money back guarantees on all my products.

Can I get a lesson?

I’m doing less and less private tuition these days but please contact me for availability. Lessons are by appointment only – but please contact me if you’re interested.

Just so there’s no confusion: I don’t teach conventional golf. What I offer is natural learning and mental skills. If you’re looking for a traditional lesson you won’t find it from me.

Can I advertise on your site?

I wouldn’t have even thought of this but I’ve been approached a few times in the last few weeks. My simple answer is no. A more comprehensive answer is, don’t even bother unless you’ve got a really (and I mean really) good offer.

I have a website, can you link to me?

Please contact me to discuss.