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This simple and easy-to-read book will show you how to light your game on fire. You'll discover the 7 essential steps to playing with more confidence and leaving fear and self-doubt behind.

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying About Cameron and his ideas...

Hello Cameron, I have been a reader of your stuff for quite a while now …. Recently I bought the “Golfer’s Nightmare’ book and all of a sudden it all started to fall in to place.
In the space of 3 rounds of golf my handicap has gone down to 15, I drove my first ever drive over 300 metres and played my home course in 77 (par 70), the best gross score I have had in more than 25 years.
I am 67 years old and never thought that I could manage to do this with my back problem … by reading your book and applying the principles of ‘automatic’ has me a very happy golfer

- Jeff R, Australia

In a conflicted and confusing world of golf coaching, I'm not sure if anyone clears the noise and makes more sense than Cameron Strachan.

- Scott Barrow, Super Coach

My game has improved 100% and probably more importantly is that my enjoyment levels are through the roof.

- Shane Wooton, Tasmania

Hi Cameron I really like your simple approach to golf, my game has definitely improved since coming onboard with you ...  handicap from 29 down to 24 at the moment

- Scott Young, Australia

Cameron turned my weakest link into my strongest...

- Aaron Baddeley, PGA Tour Star

Cameron, I got your book before comp round ... and had the best round in 5 weeks! 38 points and 15 better than my previous.

- Greg, Australia

Cam, you are without doubt the best golf teacher/instructor/inspirer in the world!

- Terry, QLD

I can't stop reading.

- Trevor Turner, WA
Order NowFree offer - just pay shipping
  • Q.Is this book a hardcopy?

    A.Yes, it’s a physical book that is posted to your door.

  • Q.Can I get a digital (e-book) version?

    A.No. There is no electronic version at this time.

  • Q.Do you have any other books?

    A.Yes, I have written 12 books on golf coaching and learning but this book is the ideal starting point to learn about Automatic Golf and what I call natural learning.

  • Q.What is natural learning?

    A.I have said for a long time that golf improvement needs to be no harder than riding a bike or driving a car. Most of us can do these things without a worry in the world. Sadly, many don’t play the same way. But…

    … when you do, you’re actually learning naturally. You’re letting your learning system to the heavy lifting and it’s how you can play your best golf more of the time.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.Anywhere. If you have a postal address Australia Post will get it to you. I have sent books all over Australia, NZ, Asia, Europe and USA.

  • Q.What currency is the payment in?

    A.All payments are in Australian Dollars.

  • Q.How long does shipping take?

    A.This is a guide only:

    Australia: 2-3 days
    Rest of world: 5 – 10 days

    I ship same day in most cases with Australia Post.

  • Q.Will this book help me?

    A.Sort of a stupid question but the information will certainly help you simplify and start thinking better. If simplification and a better attitude doesn’t help you then I’d be really surprised. So yes, it will help you, especially if you’re in a slump or been struggling for some time.

  • Q.Why is it FREE?

    A.Because I want to remove all barriers to entry. I believe this book can help change your golf for the better and I want to help as many as better. And I can’t make it any easier than offering this free.

    The book has retailed for as much as $47, so there’s a very good saving to be had.

  • Q.Is there a catch?

    A.No. There’s no catch. Just pay the cost of shipping and I’ll post this book to your door.

  • Q.How long will this offer be FREE?

    A.I don’t know but it’s certainly a limited time offer? Get your copy now while it’s still free.