The last 15 years (some would say 100) has seen an explosion of information about golf. But is this information helping you? The Internet, high speed video cameras, detailed analysis and thousands of experts – but why do you struggle to play consistently? And why, do some golfers make the game look ridiculously easy when you find it so hard?

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  • What’s the 5000 year old learning secret that has virtually been ignored by almost all mainstream instruction?
  • Is typical golf coaching effective, or is it just a brilliant business model?
  • Why can you play well one minute but hopelessly the next? Is consistent golf really a myth?
  • How can anyone really trust golf instruction when there are so many theories, opinions and stories claiming to be correct?
  • What is it that better players (and not just those on the PGA Tour) do that you don’t?

These are some controversial questions that many in the industry don’t want answered. I’ve put together a short booklet called, “Why Golfers Don’t Play As Well As They Should” that get’s the ball rolling…