• The ancient learning secret that has been ignored by most of the golf industry
  • Why traditional coaching has failed you and what you MUST do instead
  • How to improve your game while using the least amount of effort
  • How to unleash your consistent golf game in the quickest time possible
  • How to give your game an instant power boost without complicated swing changes
  • How to play better golf by the weekend

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What's this all about?

First up, this is a 100% free learning resource. There's nothing to pay.

I wrote, How To Play Better Golf By The Weekend as a way of explaining my coaching ideas. The PDF booklet is a little controversial but I don't see the point of beating around the bush - if your golf game isn't working for you then you want answers. I'm sure you won't mind if I upset some of the Establishment.

Recently I added a 15-minute video of me in action. It's a case study of sorts that shows you how I was able to beat the demons and play my best golf. The idea is for you to read the report and then watch the video. Getting to see a real-life example should enhance your learning experience.

From here I reckon you'll get a breakthrough. A better score. Increased confidence. A better but simplistic approach to playing golf. And just maybe golf will hold less mystery and you'll enjoy playing more.

And if all this works then you might be interested in a golf lesson or one of my other premium products. But there's no pressure from me.

Good luck,