Relaunched For 2018*

How To Improve Your Putting In Days (Not Months or Years!)

The simple putting system that guarantees you'll make more putts, even if you have a wonky stroke & your confidence is shattered ...


I've never given away a hardcopy book before and I'm doing this to introduce as many golfers to the amazing Look & Shoot Putting System. I figure if I give the book away then there's absolutely no excuse for any golfer NOT to try it.

But it won't last forever. Get your copy now while you can get the book at no charge (just pay the small shipping and handling fee).

Click the link below to claim your copy now.

  • Q.What's the catch? Why is it free?

    A.There’s no catch. Simply pay a small shipping fee and I’ll post you a hardcopy edition of the Look & Shoot putting book to you.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.Everywhere. If you have an address I can get it to you. In most cases I use Australia Post and they are pretty good. Doesn’t matter if you’re in NZ, USA, Europe or Australia, it will get to you.

  • Q.How long does shipping take?

    A.It depends. Australia is usually 2-4 days. Overseas can take up to 21 days but my experience is usually 7-10 days for outside of Australia.

    By the way: Almost always I ship same day. The only exception here are orders that come in after 3pm (my time) and those that come through on the weekend.

  • Q.Can I get the e-book version of this book?

    A.Sorry, my new Look & Shoot book is only available as a physical hardcopy edition.

  • Q.How do I pay?

    A.Follow the prompts on this page and you’ll be taken to an order form. I use Paypal for all transactions. They are safe and secure and you can use your credit card (you don’t need to be a member of Paypal)

  • Q.What will the book teach me?

    A.You’re going to learn how to simplify your putting game so you can make more putts using the least amount of effort. But you’re going to need to get the book to get the full story.

  • Q.Does it work?

    A.Yes. The approach has worked with the best putter in the world right down to weekend warriors. And one reason the book is free, is to take barrier to entry away. You’ve got nothing to lose because nothing beats FREE!

  • Q.What's currency is it in?

    A.For this product, because it sells heavily in the USA, is in USD. At this stage there are no other options for this product.

* This is a FREE offer. The book is sent to you at no charge but you do need to pay for a small shipping and handling fee.