Look & Shoot Putting System - Electronic Version. The putting secrets of the world's best putter

YES! I need help with my putting game. I'm super keen to learn about the "look and shoot" putting system and lots more...

The Look & Shoot putting e-book (also know as Perfect Putting)  was one of my all-time best selling  instructional guides. So it made sense to turn it into a hardcopy edition.

You'll learn how the "look & shoot" technique is the easiest and most natural way to putt. And best of all how to make fast progress with your game...

... sink more putts. Increase confidence. Avoid 3-putting. And ultimately lower your score and handicap.

Improved putting could be the easiest way to light your game on fire, and with this book I'll show you how.

  • Take 29 putts or less per round
  • The secrets of the "look & shoot" putting system
  • How to read greens like a golfing champion
  • How to practice less but putt better
  • Increased confidence and enjoyment

Cameron Strachan turned my putting from the weakest link into my strongest. 

“Using Cameron’s technique has helped me become a successful putter which in turn has enabled me to win professional golf tournaments. 

“I believe that Cameron’s Perfect Putting System will help you improve your putting and turn it into your greatest strength

Aaron Baddeley, PGA Tour Star

“I would have to say that putting was not a strength in my golf game however after reading this book and putting Cameron’s exercises into practice my putting game has improved dramatically and I’ve reduced my handicap from 5 to 3. I encourage anyone who has trouble with putting to read this book and try Cameron’s methods. I know they have helped me and I’m sure they will help many more who adopt them.”

Sarah Little, Royal Sydney Golf Club
  • Q.What do I get with the Advanced Training?

    A.You get the electronic and a hardcopy edition to the Look and Shoot Putting System. Plus you get full and lifetime access to my Perfect Putting System. This includes over two hours of video content (plus lots more) that goes into greater depth on how to master your putting game.