How did you go? Were you able to throw the club?

Most people stuff it up. Their adult brain can’t stop thinking and analysing and they make it way harder than it needs to be. Plus, I’ve only given you a snippet of the information I’ve compiled on improving your swing. There’s lots more.


  • How to set-up to the ball correctly so you can swing with maximum power
  • The ideal top of backswing position that gives you a mechanical advantage (more power, less effort)
  • How to virtually eliminate any unwanted stress and strain on your back and joints.
  • The number one secret for owning a consistent golf swing (this is what all the best players do and most don’t know)
  • The proper way to hit the ball straighter that is almost like cheating. I haven’t seen any coach talk about this before.


I have devised ingenious ways of teaching this stuff. There’s nothing complicated and you won’t get bogged down with useless technical jargon. There’s even a Swing Training Device that literally forces your body (in the nicest way possible) to learn the ideal swing. In the same way my Austrian friends changed ski instruction – my swing trainer will change your swing for the better.

The Swing Trainer package allows you to master your golf swing in the shortest time possible. You’ll be swinging with confidence rather than with apprehension.

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