How To Build Your Very Own Synthetic Backyard Golf Green

The industry insider secrets to getting the perfect backyard golfing green that is highly realistic and ultra-low maintenance.

An amazing DIY backyard green built over the weekend. You can do it too!

Join the golfing revolution and own every golfer's dream - your own backyard putting green.

If you've ever wanted to have your very own backyard golf green, then this message is for you. And here's why...

First point: Early synthetic grass golfing greens were terrible. They looked horrible (really fake) and they didn't perform too well. It didn't take long for these synthetic greens to become way too hard and fast.

But new generation grass technology has changed the game. Yes, it's synthetic, but the look, feel and playing characteristics closely match the real thing.

Point 2: A full install by a teamed of trained professionals who specialise in golf greens can be expensive. A starting point is going to be around the $6,000 mark and go up from here. It's not unusual for some to spend upwards of $50,000 to tame their golfing addiction.

We're talking serious money here. And at these price ranges the joy of owning your own green is out of reach of many.

And this is where Supreme Greens has come to the party. We have seen the huge potential of the DIY market and have done something about it.

We've produced a DIY friendly backyard grass that makes self-install as easy as possible. We've now taken things a step further and produced a detailed install guide that walks you through the process of building your own golfing green.

Here's just some of what's contained within.

  • Easy to read information

    We haven’t produced a technical document that requires a degree in physics to understand. The information has been presented clearly with simple, step-by-step instructions.

  • Cover all aspects of DIY install

    This is a comprehensive guide, covering all the most important aspects of synthetic grass installation, including, how to set the cups correctly, how to join the grass and how to ensure you get the perfect speed and roll on the ball.

  • Pro Tips

    This training guide is full of special “Pro Tips”. The insider secrets that can only come from the guys who install these things for a living. These Pro Tips will save you time, effort and lots of frustration.

Risk Free Purchase

Three more important points:

  1. This product is FREE to you when you purchase synthetic grass from us. No need to purchase here right now if you're going to order grass down the track. Simply place your grass order with us and we'll send you login credentials through to your email address.
  2. Price of this product is reimbursed on any future order you make with us. Just let us know at time of ordering that you've purchased this user guide and we'll give you an immediate discount.
  3. And finally, if our training advice isn't the most comprehensive self-install guide you've seen and doesn't help you learn how to build your own putting green, then we'll give you a full refund.

So there's no risk to you. We've got your back and tried to make this an absolute no brainer purchase for you.

Price: $149

  • Clear Images

    We’ve added over 35 (and still going!) clear images that show you the process in further detail. It’s a sequential visual representation that fast tracks your learning and will give you the confidence to tackle your own project.

  • Video

    Everyone loves video. You can see real-world demonstrations on how to achieve key steps in the process. The videos are short, but packed with the right information to help your project move along.

  • Instant access!

    This is a digital product where you get immediate access. You’re given access via your own password to a secret page. You can dive right in and see if a DIY green is for you.

Real Comments From Real Customers...

I did achieve my aim and have produced a genuine putting green with breaking putts (and some straight ones) for this serious golfer and his friends.

During the planning and implementation of the green, I contacted Cameron and consulted his guide for advice and clarification on a fair number of occasions. That service was impeccable. In short, I have nothing but praise for Cameron and Supreme Greens. Indeed, they market a quality product.

Keith Werder, QLD