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You only have one chance to get this. And it has never been released to the general public, so make sure you read everything carefully.

Would you like to get my latest thoughts on the science of the golf swing? And have me explain in great detail the thinking behind my approach to science and natural learning? And how about I break down the golf swing to its simplest form so you can easily make a better and more efficient golf swing?

I have two reports valued at $29 each. And then there’s the 3 videos that complement the reports. The complete package could easily sell for $100+.

Because you’ve shown such serious interest in my coaching philosophies I’d like to offer you this game-changing information for only $37. It’s a super special offer that I’ll never repeat again. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

  • How to start the club away from the ball with flow and rhythm. This is such an important part of the swing because if you get this right the chances are the rest of the swing will be correct.
  • The #1 way of ensuring your golf swing is consistent and powerful. Nothing complex or technical to concern yourself with. This is natural (and simplistic) learning at its best.
  • How you can drive the ball with more power and confidence. I’ll show you my thinking behind making tee shots as simple as they’re ever going to be.
  • How you can improve your golf swing in minutes, not weeks, months or years

This is my best work and has received incredible feedback. Golfers have written to me to say that it has changed their life and enabled them to play golf with less constraints and more enthusiasm. I’m biased of course, but I don’t think any golf instruction is this simple and profound. Access is via a private webpage which you have access to immediately after purchase.

tickYes Cameron! I’d love to get exclusive access to this groundbreaking content. I can’t wait to get inside your head and understand my golf swing, and more importantly how to fix it without destroying my game in the process. You’re going to send me your complete package, including Swing Trainer, Drive Launcher and ChipMaster Pro (with Almost Golf Balls). Plus I’ll get access to all the extra bonus electronic content.



crossNo thanks Cameron. I’ll pass on this offer and just take the Swing Trainer, Drive Launcher, ChipMaster Pro (with Almost Golf Balls) and the regular bonus content. I understand that if I ever want your latest work and deeper thoughts on the golf swing I’ll have to wait and/or pay full price.