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The Chip Master Pro

If you’re interested in the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher, you’ll just love my Chip Master Pro (CMP).

The CMP is another objective based learning tool that helps you learn crisp, clean and spinning chip shots.

– perfect contact
– spinning chips, just like the pros
– ideal technique (hands and weight forward)

Improve the confidence of your short game and see your scores improve. All this while working with your natural and inbuilt learning mechanism.

And that’s not all.

The CMP has been designed to hit balls from. You can use real balls but you might just get better results with an Almost Golf Ball.

These balls are a lightweight ball that fly like a normal ball. Because they’re light they don’t damage or break your surroundings.

So you’re free to chip and explore and learn . No fear of breaking anything. This means these golf balls are perfect for practice from the home or office…

… Practice anywhere and see your game transform before your eyes.

Here’s the deal.

Because we can send multiple items at a much better rate we can offer you the CMP and 10 Almost Golf Balls for the low price of $39. Normal retail value is $79. Save 50% by ordering this little pack right now.

Yes! Cameron I’d love to take you up on this bonus offer. I’d like to order ALL of your training tools, including AGB and the CMP.

No thanks. I only want the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher. If I want to purchase the CMP and Almost Golf Balls in the future I’ll need to pay full price.

Watch the short video of the CMP in action