Swing Trainer Instructional Videos

Welcome, thanks for your purchase of the Golfonic Swing Trainer – it’s the only device in the world that is dedicated to helping you achieve the Flat Spot Principle (FSP). The FSP gives your golf swing an unfair advantage because your clubhead and clubface start working together correctly. The end result is a swing that produces pure backspin on the ball and way less sidespin. From here, longer and straighter shots are the natural byproduct.

The Golfonic Swing Trainer also helps you achieve the key principles in BioSwing, the golf swing of the future. To help you along Cameron has also added some instructional videos/content that you can access below. Some of the videos are quite large in size and may take a while to start streaming.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Download the user guide here (PDF)

Download BioSwing Secrets here.

Download BioSwing, the golf swing of the future PDF here

Download BioSwing Fast Start Guide here

Introduction to Swing Trainer

Beating the slice or hook

Killing the shanks

The Advanced Level


Bonus Instructional Videos for BioSwing

Best drill for a better swing

The Amazing Drill

A simple drill for a better golf swing

Hold, Fire and Release

Cameron hitting the ball (demo)

Some Extra Thoughts

Drive Launcher Training Video

Check out the video below. It gives you a good rundown on how to use the Drive Launcher for best results.

Bonus DRIVING Video

Get some of Cameron’s inside secrets for driving the ball better, longer and straighter from the tee.

Once again, thanks for your purchase and do let us know if you have any questions.

Cameron Strachan