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From The Desk Of Cameron Strachan
- Sunshine Coast, Australia

Dear Golfer,

Thanks for signing up to receive How To Play Better Golf By The Weekend. The download links will appear in your inbox shortly. But before you check it out, here's a very special and one-time offer you may be interested in.

How To Play Better Golf By The Weekend gives you a snapshot into what I call Automatic Golf (AG). And AG is what makes golf learning and improvement no harder than driving a car, riding a bike or throwing a ball.

If you can perform these skills, then you have the capacity to make your golf game more instinctive, powerful and consistent. Sadly, many golfers are lost in the golf instruction merry-go-round.

Listen up. Golf is a skill like all others and I'm willing to bet you've completely abused your natural learning system and struggle with your golf game as a result.

  • Lack any sort of consistency
  • Get nervous because you never know where the ball is going
  • Sometimes struggle to take the club away from the ball
  • Drive to the golf course with self-doubt because you don't know WHAT you should be working on
  • Feel yippy and anxious over the ball
  • Get frustrated because you feel like you're doing the same thing but keep getting vastly different results
  • Feel like you have the ability to play better but you don't know where to start

Time to play the kind of golf you know you're capable of

Golf used to be a complete mystery to me. I was hopeless and couldn't play to any sort of decent or consistent level.

And the harder I tried the worse I became. And this maddening situation drove me close to quitting the game and pursuing another sport. I was over golf. Completely.

But I'm stubborn and I figured out that if I approached golf more like other things I was good at (driving a car and riding a bike etc) golf became easier.

In weeks (not months or years) I was able to unlock my true potential and play the kind of golf I knew I was capable of. And it wasn't hard and it certainly didn't require long hours on the practice fairway or me needing to rebuild my swing.

What I'm talking about is a grade one level understanding of human learning. It's something I'm now passionate about and feel compelled to share the golf world.

I went from a self-confessed hacker that would choke and stuff up when the pressure was on, to someone who could play well almost all of the time (no matter how good you become there's always the odd bad day).

But the bad stuff was limited! And best of all, I learned to play my best when I needed to most.

Like in club championships or on medal days. I became renowned as a super tough competitor who could perform day in and day out, no matter how I was feeling or what my swing was doing.

This is what Automatic Golf is all about.

And because I know you're interested in this approach I want to offer you a special membership into my advanced AG training. This is a one-time offer and it won't be repeated again.

My Simple Learning System usually sells for $187. But today, as a special thank you for signing up you can receive the full online training package, including videos, audios and training manuals for only $87.


What is this product?

You get instant access to an online training course that covers the magic of Automatic Golf in more detail. This includes,

  • How to find your natural swing
  • How to play your best golf under pressure
  • How to swing with more power without extra stress and strain
  • How to make golf fun again
  • How to improve your golf swing naturally
  • How to break free from the golf instruction merry-go-round
  • How to play consistent golf without major swing surgery
  • How to take your game from the practice fairway to the first tee
  • Plus lots more

You get lifetime access and all content (videos, audios and written text) is available immediately after purchase, even if it's 2AM!

And finally, your order is backed up by my ballsy guarantee (see below)


Satisfaction Guarantee

My Ballsy Guarantee

I’ve been thinking deeply about this golf stuff for a while now and stand behind my coaching. If you follow my advice and don’t improve then you shouldn’t have to pay – that’s my philosophy. I think it’s only fair that we both shoulder the responsibility. So here’s my super ballsy guarantee for this product.

1. If part 1 doesn’t give you a spark, a moment of inspiration or realisation or the feeling of wanting to go out and play golf, then close the package and send me an email and I’ll happily refund your money in full.

2. If by the end of Part 2 you haven’t got a greater understanding of YOUR golf swing and haven’t experienced a freer, more powerful (and natural) golf swing, then please contact me and your purchase will be returned in full.

3. If the Mastery section of this course doesn’t have you jumping out of your skin and makes you feel excited about playing golf then I’ll happily refund your money.

3b. If you don’t experience a major breakthrough, like your best round, a career shot or something you’d consider “remarkable” within 60 days of purchase, you can ask for a full refund.

4. The bottom line is I stand behind this product, in many way’s it’s my life’s work and I’m proud of it. When you first check it out and you’re not impressed by the quality and the amount of game-changing information within, then please ask for an immediate refund.


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