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Have you ever wondered why good players are able to hit the ball so far and straight? This videos reveals all. You’re about to discover the scientific principle that separates all levels of golfers and can make your slice go away once and for all.

As interesting as all this information is, it’s still not the most important factor in learning to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently. The scientific research found one other area that trumps ALL other golf instruction. This principle is rarely spoken about but really is the secret to learning the ideal swing. It’s called the Flat Spot Principle and in the next email I’ll be talking about it in more detail.

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  • Steady

    Reply Reply May 9, 2011

    Hi Cam,
    point from Dave Pelz putting bible.
    I strongly believe that your mind and your attitude play an important role in your
    putting success. Not that your mind can move the golf ball, or that “positive thinking”
    can overcome a bad stroke. But if you have developed a reasonably good mechanical
    stroke as well as the ability to use that stroke without thinking about it, then
    you can use your mind to focus on the touch and feel required to putt well. And a
    good attitude will let your body proceed with the work at hand with confidence.
    Experience is required both to learn good feel and touch and the confidence to
    fully use it. You cannot learn confidence from a book or videotape, although both
    can teach you how to learn it. Once you learn the size of the stroke that you need,
    and how it feels to make it, then all it takes is practice to learn to move from the
    preview stroke to the real stroke in a timely manner. If you have learned to do this
    and practiced it a lot, you’ll develop a quiet understanding, a confidence, a calm,
    and a focus that allow you to concentrate on the meaningful and controllable
    aspects of feel and touch.
    And your mind is important because it controls all of the above. It controls
    how you move your body, and how you move your body controls your putter and
    how your putts start rolling. Your mind orchestrates the symphony—the motions,
    the rhythm, and the sequence of those motions—it controls the complete motion
    of the putting stroke. If you use positive self talk—something like, “Okay now, let’s
    make this the most beautiful, rhythmic, and smooth stroke we’ve ever seen”—before
    you prepare to putt, and then maintain the presence of mind to prepare properly
    (making and judging a proper practice stroke, then focusing on repeating it),
    your mind will allow you to execute the best stroke you know how to make. This
    is how a confident (positive) attitude helps a golfer putt better.
    Some golfers even learn to create positive focus by using a negative image. A
    few of the professionals I’ve worked with stand over an important putt and imagine
    that they’ve already missed it. This is their way of creating a positive attitude,
    because they know that they almost always make their putts on the second try.
    The point is not how you create a good attitude. Rather, it is that you do create
    an attitude before you putt that allows you to use a clear mind to see and feel the
    perfect stroke before you try to make it, and also allows your body to go ahead and
    execute it without self-doubt.
    Cheers Steady

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply May 21, 2011

      Thanks for taking the time to post this Steady.

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