FREE Trial: Order The World's Best Practice Golf Ball and Improve Your Golf Game From Anywhere!

Almost Golf Balls - sample picture

YES Cameron! I'd like to take you up on your FREE Trial and order some Almost Golf Balls today... you'll ship them immediately to my home or office anywhere in Australia...



I understand that I can try the Almost Golf Balls as a FREE trial for 14 days. All I have to do today is pay the postage cost of $8.95 and you'll send me a Starter Pack consisting of 6 Almost Golf Balls and the training videos (electronic).

If I'm not completely happy with these golf balls I can return them to you for a full refund. After 14 days I'll be charged a final payment of $17.95. Therefore, the total payment I'll incur if I'm happy with this product is $26.90.

Price includes access to bonus training videos (normal value $29 but yours FREE).

All pricing is inclusive of GST and this offer is for Australian residents only.

  • Q.Are these balls any good?

    A.I think they’re one of the best golfing products I have seen. I don’t recommend many products but the Almost Golf Ball gets my highest recommendation.

  • Q.Who are these golf balls for?

    A.My mission is to get ALL golfers to try them. They are brilliant for practise around the home – there’s no excuse for not getting some sneaky golf practice in. In fact, with the AGB practise becomes fun.

    They can be used by golf professionals, serious golfers and weekend warriors. They are also great for kids and beginning golfers to get a feel for the game.

  • Q.Are they safe?

    A.Yes. The AGB is made from a lightweight foam and they won’t break windows or damage surroundings. Absolutely perfect for practice at home and in other urban environments.

  • Q.How far do they fly?

    A.Approximately a third the distance of a normal ball. I have found they fly a similar distance with the short game making them the best tool for honing the short shots and getting great feedback.

  • Q.How many balls should I get?

    A.I have found time and time again that consumers like to start with a few. So the Starter Pack is an ideal starting point. Try them and if you like you can always order some more 🙂

  • Q.What are the training videos about?

    A.I have put together a range of videos that may help you get more from your practise time with AGB’s. Videos include, how to practise better, how to draw the ball, how to hit a lob shot. Videos are sent once order has been processed.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.This offer is available for Australian residents only. I ship all over Australia, if you have an address I can get them to you.

  • Q.Why a FREE trial?

    A.The FREE trial is a limited offer to make these balls a no-brainer purchase. They really are a terrific tool and I wanted to make the buying decision as easy as possible for you.

  • Q.How can I pay?

    A.To accept the free trial you must pay with Paypal. Paypal are a trusted source for online payments and you can use a credit card if you don’t have an account. If you’d like to pay some other way please contact me.