The Most Important Lesson on Automatic Golf


This is the most important information I can give on Automatic Golf. Golf improvement rarely comes down to major swing surgery or significant change. It's the small stuff that makes the difference - learning to focus, concentrate and get out of your own way.

The video above gives you a foolproof method of doing so. Please don't ignore this advice. It's profound in it's simplicity and the results it will give.

  • Play your best golf under pressure
  • Stay focused and on task
  • Stay in the moment and not get distracted
  • Make golf simpler and more rewarding
  • Work with your learning system rather than against
  • Unlock your consistent golf game time after time

So what's next?

If you've come this far there are some extra steps you can take.

1. Get outside and start playing. You can start feeling and exploring a better game by grabbing a club and heading outside now.

2. Take your learning and understanding to a deeper level. For much of the last 5 years I've refined the automatic process and made some significant new discoveries. If you'd like to get the absolute best (and updated) instruction on Automatic Golf then please check out this page.