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The Truth Behind the Golf Swing Model Described as "The Golf Swing of the Future"

Dear golfer,

Cameron Strachan here. I've been writing, thinking and coaching golf for years now. One of my greatest achievements was helping to commission a major biomechanical study into the golf swing. At the time, I was frustrated and confused as to what made up the correct swing fundamentals.

The golf world was full of conflicting ideas. One coach told you to swing shorter but another would say a long swing was the go.

You'd be told to hit with your body, but others wold say the hands were the major power source.

The golf industry couldn't even agree on the correct type of swing plane. It's really no wonder that golfers struggle to find their consistent golf game.

Bioswing helps level the playing field. It gives you the right information and it's presented in a way that golfers can use to improve their swing right away.

But BioSwing is only just scratching the surface...

My real passion has been in making golf instruction and improvement as simple as riding a bike or throwing a ball. Technique is only part of the learning puzzle - HOW you get taught is most important.

So for over 10 years now I've been improving BioSwing and my golf coaching further. I've learned things that go beyond typical golf teaching and get to the heart of real improvement.

In my latest work BioSwing Secrets I share all that I've gleaned over the 10+ years that BioSwing was created.

  • How to fix your golf swing without destroying your game in the process
  • The learning drills that make implementing a better golf swing possible
  • The common mistakes golfers make and how to avoid them
  • How to take your golf swing to the 1st tee with supreme confidence
  • Why golfers can hit the ball well on the practice tee, but rarely that well on the golf course
  • How to play better golf under pressure and not worse
  • How to reduce stress and strain on your body without losing distance
  • How to unlock your best and consistent game more of the time

This stuff goes way deeper than your traditional swing instruction. It's the real deal and comes after writing over 500,000 words on the learning process (it's probably closer to a million) and helping golfers from all over the planet.

My ideas and concepts contradict a lot of what you've been told in the past. I go against the grain and many in the industry don't like what I have to say. If you've ever struggled to play consistently and you're fed up with your golf game letting you down, then I can bet my last dollar that you've been brainwashed by old-school and old-fashioned thinking.

BioSwing Secrets helps put the odds of improving back in your favour. It would be easy to say you're going to slash your handicap, hit the ball out of the park and shoot your best score ever. I'll leave this to those other people that tend to over promise and under deliver. I'm a straight shooter, and my ideas are profoundly simple - based on the science of the swing and the science of learning.

I'm not going to promise you the world - but I do make this guarantee. BioSwing Secrets will give you freedom you may have never had before. You'll start to understand the swing - and the really important parts of golf learning - so you can swing without fear of doing something wrong.

From here confidence and consistency is likely. From here anything is possible.

- a better score
- a lower handicap
- more distance
- less stress, anxiety or embarrassment

Most of all I think golf will become more enjoyable. When we can play with less confusion the game takes on a whole new level of satisfaction and meaning. This is the stuff that many golfers have been missing out on.

A limited offer

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