I want to start hitting crisp and spinning chip shots, just like the pros!

The Chip Master Pro

YES Please! My chipping is inconsistent and I want to do something about it. I'm ready to learn how I can hit better and more reliable chip shots with the Chip Master Pro.

The Chip Master Pro is an objective based learning tool that makes learning better chipping simple and easy.

Instead of overloading your mind with endless thoughts like,

- keep weight forward
- cock wrists
- hands forward
- follow-through

You learn to do these things naturally and without thinking about them. This is the beauty of this device.

In just a few minutes you'll have the correct feel for hitting crisp, clean and spinning chip shots. This is how the pros do it and it gives you much more control. And it's how you maximise your scoring potential and get the most from your game.

This unit works for both left and right handed players and has 3 levels, ideal for any golfer.

Cam, you are without doubt the best golf teacher/instructor/inspirer in the world!

Terry, QLD
  • Q.Can I hit other shots from this device?

    A.No. It’s not recommended. It has been designed for chip and very small pitch shots only. When you get this part of your game down you’ll naturally see improvement in all parts of your game.

  • Q.How does it work?

    A.This unit forces you to find a better ball position which encourages you to strike the ball first. Many (almost all) amateur golfers have the ball too far forward (no matter how often they’re told) and this causes many issues – flinching, yipping, blading, and horrible inconsistency.

  • Q.Is chipping important?

    A.Are you kidding? Poor chipping causes more issues for golfers than any other part of the game. When you learn to chip better you’ll maximise your scoring potential.

  • Q.Does it work for a left handed golfer?

    A.Yes. It works for all golfers.

  • Q.What shots can I hit from this unit?

    A.Chip shots.
    Little pitch shots.
    Lob shots.

    Any shot that you’re only applying small amounts of power.

  • Q.Does it come with instructions?

    A.Yes, the unit comes with a printed user guide. More advanced training is available if you require it.