The Path to a Better and More Consistent Golf Game

Here's how you can get your game on track without the heartache of traditional swing instruction. Learning expert reveals all...

"Shit! I hate this game. I'm quitting. You're such a loser and have no idea. I hate golf!!"

- me talking to myself multiple times during the 90's

Cameron 2_9622aG'day. My name is Cameron Strachan and I've spent the best part of the last 20 years researching golf, the improvement cycle and better ways of playing golf.

Presumably you're here because you're frustrated with your golf game. Maybe you've just finished playing and are fed up with one or more of the following;

- you play well one minute but terribly the next. You're frustrated because you feel you're playing the same way but getting vastly different results.

- you're a solid player most of the time but you keep letting a few shots (or bad holes) ruin your day. Your golfing mates keep telling you, "your handicap should be lower".

- 10 years ago your golf game was awesome. You played off single figures (or near to it). The last few years have been a disaster. You've spent a fortune on new clubs, lessons and range balls but your game has gone backwards. You've tried everything but failed to resurrect your game.

- Or maybe you're close to giving up. You love golf but can no longer stand the shit that it throws you.

So you're sitting in your office, searching the net and hoping to find some light at the end of the tunnel. You hate the feeling of embarrassing yourself and you're dreading that next game.

The thought of playing with your golfing buddy and watching him beat you (and then rubbing it in), even though you know he has less talent than you, is enough to make you vomit.

I understand your pain. I've been there. In fact, I was captain of the Frustrated Golf Team for many years. The harder I tried the worse I became. Golf certainly became an unhealthy obsession where I neglected other parts of my life because I couldn't figure this golf thing out.


Golf never used to be that way for me. I started playing when I was 14 - my Grandparents bought me a set of cheap clubs for my birthday. I was hooked, even though I shot 156 the first time out. My Grandmother was a stickler and made me count all the shots (including penalties).

But I improved quickly. Scored a par in my second game and a birdie in the 3rd. Golf was fun and I was on some sort of a learning curve.

- 1st game 156 shots
- Par and birdie in 2nd and 3rd round respectively
- Broke 100 within a few months
- Scored a par round within 9 months
- Had a round that consisted of 9 birdies and an eagle within 12 months

I was on fire. Golf was fun and I honestly didn't understand what the fuss was about. You looked where you wanted the ball to go and then hit it there. Golf was easy.


Things started unraveling a while later. I won a golf scholarship that involved regular lessons with the local pro. It should have been my greatest achievement. It wasn't. The lessons, the thinking and the constant tweaking destroyed me. I lost my flair and my enthusiasm. It was ridiculous. And the worse I played the more crap I was fed. It got to the point where I couldn't hit the ball. Even had an air swing.

This might be the toughest thing of all: When you're able to play well minute - when you have the golf ball on a string and can play consistently - the world is good. Golf feels like the greatest sport in the world. Your confidence is high and golf gives you a deep satisfaction. To have that snatched away is a nightmare. From here there's a never-ending merry-go-round to find something. You'll try anything,

- a quick tip
- some new clubs
- a lesson

Anything. You start searching for the magic cure and it's like one step forward and two back. It's a $#@%^&% nightmare.



My father is a straight shooter and tells it how it is. After fumbling around for a few years he put a stop to all the rot.

"This is bullshit. You know how to play golf - these coaches are destroying your game. Get out there and play golf your way. Forget the technique, hit the ball the way you know how! Start playing the way you used to."

It was the rev up that was needed. The Old Man's wisdom coincided with me receiving a copy of the Inner Game of Golf. For the first time in years I put trust in my learning system to hit the ball. I stopped worrying about my swing and making mistakes. I went back to playing golf. It was my first foray into what I now call Automatic Golf.

The results were immediate. I scored 14 rounds in a row of par or better. I won my first monthly medal (scoring 68). I got to a scratch handicap. I was on fire and loving golf again.


I've always enjoyed the thrill of golf.

The feeling of hitting the ball in the sweet spot

Overcoming the pressure of the scorecard and coming out in front
Nailing that shot when you think your heart is going to pop out of your chest
Sinking that tricky putt with shaky hands
Enjoying the camaraderie of playing partners and friends
The fresh air, the green grass the smells and sounds that go with it
Playing to your potential and even surprising yourself with a magical result
Shooting a score that gives you a deep satisfaction

I love it and I think this is what keeps me coming back. But the truth is I never get any of this when I'm working on my swing technique. I lose the flow and golf becomes too hard and more like a job than a hobby. The fun and the exhilaration of golf doesn't show up on the practice fairway - for me the golf course is where the magic lives.

Years of study, field testing and observation has shown me that there's something fundamentally wrong with the way many of us approach golf. Things have gotten out of hand and it's time for a change.


I wanted to share my ideas and help others gain more enjoyment and meaning with golf. The natural progression was to turn pro and become a golf coach. Unfortunately the establishment didn't share my views. Despite undeniable proof the "traditional" way had failed me (plus all the scientific validation) I was mocked,

"you can't teach this stuff"
"teach from the PGA manual or get out"
"I'm not going to let you teach this stuff on my range"

I was devastated. I knew I could coach and do a damn good job of it. There are also millions of golfers from all over the globe that are fed up with golf and the traditional way has failed them too. I had a difficult decision to make...

… Join the line and follow a system that I didn't believe in - but have a safe and comfortable career. Or

buck the system, stand up for what I believe in and share my story - but risk more ridicule not to mention an uncertain career.

I quit and followed my heart. And I haven't looked back and have never regretted my decision.


Now let's talk about you. You obviously want to improve you golf game. There's also probably a tonne of questions going through your mind,

Is this guy full of crap? Is there really a better way to learn golf? It all sounds a bit airy fairy, it's not some mystical garbage is it?

I'll answer these questions soon. But first, here's the most important question you'll ever answer in relation to your golf game.

Why are you here?

A few minutes ago you were surfing the Internet and stumbled across my site. You were probably searching for a magic bullet, some sort of quick tip that promises a few extra yards or a record score next time out. But I'm different and not into any of that kinda stuff. I want something specific,

what's your biggest frustration?
what's stopping you from playing better?
what do you enjoy about golf?
why do you play golf?
why are you really here?

Yes, this is all a little deep but the answers lead to so much more. Maybe it's the kick start you need. More fun. Learning. Enjoyment. The hidden golf game that has been tucked away for so long. The ability to play golf the way you know you can.

Welcome to Golfgooroo - a place that challenges the status quo and helps lost golfers find their way. Take the next step and I'll share my thoughts on finding that consistent golf game.

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Cameron's passion is the beauty of playing the game of golf and the deeply rewarding learning that can come from it, and in coaching himself and others, I honestly don't know of anyone, in a very confused world of golfers and coaches, who does it better.

- Scott Barrow, Master Coach