Yes! I want to integrate the Flat Spot Principle into my tee shots!

Please Rush-Ship Me Your Drive Launcher and User Guide. I can't wait to use Natural Learning principles and "proper" science to start whacking the golf ball past all my mates.

I understand the Drive Launcher is a physical product and you'll ship it directly to my door. You'll also include a user manual and your best tips for improved driving.

I also understand that you'll give me immediate access to  BioSwing, the "Golf Swing of the Future" and the bonus training videos. I understand that these items would normally sell for at least $47 but I get them FREE if I order today. I appreciate that these two items are delivered via email and I can access them once my order has been approved (usually within 5 minutes).

Finally, I understand that this is a special offer and it could end at any time. If I fail to order today I acknowledge the price could jump to the regular price of $99.

Here's what the Drive Launcher will do for my game:

  • Help me swing the Big Dog with more confidence
  • Learn to strike the sweet spot most of the time
  • Hit the ball higher into the air, thereby getting more carry.
  • Limit the amount of backspin, thereby getting maximum roll
  • Achieve a longer flat spot
  • Increased distance and accuracy without needing to rework my golf swing or taking extra lessons or buying new equipment

My order is backed by your no BS guarantee and I can try and use the device for 60 days. If I'm not hitting the ball longer, swinging with more confidence and playing with less fear from the tee, then I can return the product for a full refund. I can even keep the bonus material.


  • Q.What is the Drive Launcher

    A.This tool helps you achieve the Flat Spot Principle with your driving club. You’ll learn how to get the clubhead and clubface working together during impact. If you make a bad swing you’ll get instant feedback. And it’s instant feedback that makes learning possible.

  • Q.Is it safe?

    A.Yes, the unit is made from impact foam but it won’t damage your club or surrounding. I do ask for you to be careful and apply normal golfing safety when using.

  • Q.I'm left handed, does it work for me?

    A.Yes. It works for both left and right handed golfers.

  • Q.Can I hit balls from it?

    A.You don’t want to do that. Best results will happen when you focus on getting the club through the gate – no ball. You should then step outside the unit and make some swings – now is the time to hit balls.

    If you swap over like this you’ll learn far more quickly.

  • Q.What else comes with this package?

    A.It comes with userguide (comes in the box) and bonus instructional videos and BioSwing Manual (these two are delivered electronically).

  • Q.How long does shipping take?

    A.Almost always your order will go same day – if you order before 2pm Queensland time. Delivery is with Australia Post and takes 2-4 days. Times vary, AP are good but they can be a bit slow.

  • Q.Is the a guarantee?

    A.I can’t guarantee how much better or further you’ll hit the ball. But if you’re not happy or think the device doesn’t work, then I offer a full money back guarantee up to 60 days from purchase date.