What Is The Legendary Golf Lesson That Gives You A Longer (and straighter) Drive?

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The Importance of The Flat Spot Principle...

The Flat Spot Principle is of vital importance because it highlights they key aspect to a better swing. It allows you to own a better swing without needing to think about lots of technical instruction.

Most golf instruction fails because it doesn't allow you to integrate the skill into your game naturally. You get bogged down. You lose rhythm. You get tight and ultimately lose feel and any ability to hit the ball.

With "Natural Learning" principles you're able to fight back. Natural Learning makes golf improvement no harder than riding a bike and driving a car. It's real-world learning on how we perform most other skills.

When you mix the science of the golf swing (The FSP) with natural learning principles you make learning and improved performance as simple as it's ever going to be.

My Swing Trainer is an objective based tool that allows any golfer, including you, to take advantage of one of the most important aspects of golf swing mechanics.

  • More distance and accuracy without complicated swing changes
  • More power while using less effort
  • Far less stress and strain on your back and joints
  • Fast improvement because you're working with the natural biomechanics of your body
  • This represents the art and science of golf learning and is why almost all golfers get an immediate result

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