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The Dot Putter Range

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  • Q.Does this putter come left handed?

    A.Yes. Please choose configuration above when placing order.

  • Q.What length is the putter?

    A.It comes standard @ 34.5 inches. This is what Kevin O’Neill, the inventor, has found to be optimal. If you’re very tall or short then please contact us to get a different size.

  • Q.Does the alignment crosshairs work?

    A.I think they do. After a while it becomes automatic Рyou line up very naturally and quickly. This can only be a good thing.

  • Q.How else does the putter perform?

    A.It’s excellent. Has a really nice grip and the putter gives off an amazing feel and sound. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Q.Do I get a putter cover?

    A.Yes, the putter comes with a nice putter cover that is very easy to use.

  • Q.How long does shipping take?

    A.Usually 2-4 days inside Australia. Almost always the putter will be shipped next biz day.

  • Q.Can I try before I buy?

    A.If you’re on the Sunshine Coast then please contact me for a demo session. I don’t keep stock on hand (I have a left and right demo) so we’ll have to order one for you.

  • Q.What's this 747 Dot Putter?

    A.The 747 Dot Mallet is the latest model from the Dot Putter Company. It is a center shafted model and I believe it gives you a better and more reliable stroke (because it’s so well balanced it stays squarer through impact).

    This putter is also heavier (and comes with adjustable weights) and in my opinion it just feels better in your hands then any other putter I’ve tried (including a lot of those really expensive models).