In just 29 minutes, I'll help you unlock your most powerful and natural golf game ... I'll show you things that no golf pro or teacher has ever shown you ... and I promise to make your golf swing infinitely more simple and effective ...

"I had the best golf learning day of my life. Cameron really opened my eyes up to what's possible! I feel that I could apply things I learnt on the day to other areas of my life as well. And the guy is a top bloke!"

Michael Murphy - Mackay, QLD

Cameron 2_9622aG'day. If you've read any of my stuff, you'll know that I'm not a fan of traditional coaching - for the most part, it gets too technical too early and leaves you playing worse, not better. It's just too bloody complicated!

I'm now offering an "Introduction" golf lesson that has been created to knock your socks off and get you back in control of your game. It's an action packed and mind blowing experience that will have you hitting the ball better, more consistently and have you brimming with confidence.

I'm so sure of my coaching style that I offer this crazy promise/guarantee...

If, after 29 minutes, you're not chomping at the bit or drooling with excitement & anticipation at your "new" potential, then I'll stop the session and happily refund your fee. No stress. No worries.

Here's just some of what you'll learn;

  • The most common fault golfers have (I bet you don't know what it is) and what you need to do to fix it
  • How to simplify your golf swing in as little as 5 minutes (it never takes longer than 20 minutes)
  • The real path to a consistent and reliable golf game (this step is almost always overlooked by mainstream coaches)
  • The 3 typical golf tips you MUST avoid (these are real killers)
  • What you must do if you start to lose confidence
  • The stupidly simple approach that gives you an "easy" 10-20 extra metres to your drive. I have never seen this fail and you'll be blown away at how simple it is
  • How to "pressure proof" your game so you'll play better, not worse, when the heat is on.
  • Plus more

I pack a lot into the lesson but I don't bamboozle you with technical fluff and mindless waffle. My ideas are based on over 20 years research in the biomechanics of the swing, natural learning principles and real-world experience.

If you can ride a bike, drive a car and throw a ball you SHOULD be playing better golf. If you've been playing golf for more than two years and are still frustrated, confused and fed up with your golf game, then you've definitely short-circuited the learning process.

There is an easier way. And I'm guaranteeing that a short lesson with me will help get your game back on track...

Here are all the details:

Cost: $55
Timeframe: up to 60 minutes (time for introduction, warm up and debrief)
Where: My private golf coaching facility on the Sunshine Coast (exact location disclosed after payment)

Bookings are essential. You need to bring your golf clubs, a bottle of water, sunscreen and most importantly a willingness to learn. Please fill in the form below...

Please note: I'm currently building a new golf coaching facility. Stage one should be finished in July 2015. Until that time I can't take any golf clients. Please contact me to register your interest.

Cameron's passion is the beauty of playing the game of golf and the deeply rewarding learning that can come from it, and in coaching himself and others, I honestly don't know of anyone, in a very confused world of golfers and coaches, who does it better.

- Scott Barrow, Master Coach