[Automatic Golf] Golf Coaching with a Difference

Get ready for a golf coaching experience that will open your eyes to what's possible and will help you find your A-game more quickly than anything else you've ever tried.

"I had the best golf learning day of my life. Cameron really opened my eyes up to what's possible! I feel that I could apply things I learnt on the day to other areas of my life as well. And the guy is a top bloke!"

Michael Murphy - Mackay, QLD

I'm madly passionate about golf coaching. When I first started playing golf I had a natural flair for whacking the ball. I didn't get bogged down with lots of technical thought, I simply stood up and hit the ball to the target.

This mindset ensured I improved quickly, before long I was beating most at my club. Everyone thought I was a natural - but it didn't seem that big a deal to me. I just loved playing golf and hitting that ball.

My success attracted the attention of the local golf coaches. They wanted to change my swing. "Slow your swing down" and "rotate your wrists" and "swing on a flatter plane" was just some of the stuff they told me. I was keen and did everything asked of me. I practised really hard. But I lost my game. I started slicing, even had an airball. Golf became hard and certainly not much fun. How can this happen? How can golf coaching make you worse?

This was the start of my journey into the world of learning, performance and golf coaching. I've traveled all over and got to work with some really smart people (not just golf coaches) and have this to say about improving your game:

Almost all traditional golf coaching goes against what I call your natural learning system. It complicates an already difficult game, making steady improvement and consistent scores all but impossible.

If you've been playing golf for years, taken golf lessons and practised hard BUT still aren't playing decent golf then you are the victim of a system that needs overhauling. When you understand HOW to work with your learning system, rather than against, improvement isn't only possible, it's guaranteed.

In 2013 I put my foot down and decided to follow my dream. I moved to the Sunshine Coast to set up my own little private golf coaching paradise. It's a little slice of heaven where I can help you unlock your best game. And I do this not with complicated technical theories but with personal coaching that can only come from someone who understands the complete picture:

- Understands human learning and performance
- Knows the biomechanics of the golf swing at an intricate level
- Can walk the talk and plays golf at a master level
- Has a passion for coaching and helping others
- Makes sure your learning happens so you can play better golf - way more than just golf swing
- Wants you to become a better golfer, not just someone who hits the ball well on the practice fairway

My golf coaching is different because I get you to unlock your natural swing and give you the skills and confidence to use this swing out on the golf course. I'm dead against the typical "improve your golf swing" type instruction. This kind of stuff misses the point and almost always doesn't allow you to play your best.

I call what I do Automatic Golf and I think it's the most powerful golf coaching available.

If you're not happy with your golf I'd like to talk to you. If you feel you have more to give than your handicap/scores currently show then you're an ideal candidate for my coaching services.

My fees are expensive but there's nobody offering the kind of service I can. I put my heart into each lesson and you get my complete attention. I don't do short lessons. I'm picky who I work with. And I don't offer quick-tips.

You can start with a coaching phone call to get the ball rolling or you can dive right in and come visit me in South East Queensland.

My preference is full-day. This is where I do my best work. We'll play 18 holes and can cover a lot of ground. It's not an information dump - just lots of learning and insight. Everything is about a learning mindset and making change. It will be fun too.

1 Hour Phone or Skype Coaching Call:

Half Day Coaching Session - includes private coaching and 9 holes of golf

Full Day Coaching Session - includes private coaching, lunch, golf and debriefing session:

Multi-day, week long and extended coaching sessions are available upon request. Please contact me to discuss.

Please click the button below to book lesson.

  • Private golf coaching in a beautiful setting
  • Plenty of discussion. Lots of questions. Challenging but fun
  • Huge golf course component (vitally critical) 9 or 18 holes
  • Fun and light hearted. We'll have a good time. Beer afterwards
  • Short game and putting (another part of the game that's neglected)
  • Improved swing mechanics without destroying your game in the process

Cameron's passion is the beauty of playing the game of golf and the deeply rewarding learning that can come from it, and in coaching himself and others, I honestly don't know of anyone, in a very confused world of golfers and coaches, who does it better.

- Scott Barrow, Master Coach