Increase The Length (and Accuracy) Of Your Drive Without Complicated Swing Changes

The scientific secrets of a better golf drive without any complicated technical theory. Easily add 10m - 20m to your drive! New video just added!

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Easily increase the length of your drive by applying the virtually unknown biomechanical & learning secrets that give you more distance, while applying less effort

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The Simplest and Easiest Way To Increase the Length of your Golf Drive and Own A Better Golf Swing

Instant access to two videos and 2 x PDF documents. Normal price $97. Special introductory offer $47

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I’m so convinced that this information will help you improve your golf swing, help you launch longer drives and find the fairway more of the time, that I’m offering a no stuffing about guarantee. If you don’t find my information useful and you don’t get extra length from the tee, then simply ask me for a full refund. There’s absolutely no questions asked.

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Get the ELITE version with extra bonus content, including my thoughts on the mental game, overcoming self-doubt and golf fitness

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  • q-iconSo what's the big change going to be with this product?

    You’ll be able to hit the ball further and own a way better golf swing without needing to rebuild your golf swing or follow complicated swing theory. All changes happen subconsciously so this means you can head to the golf course and see immediate transformation.

  • q-iconBut isn't swing theory important?

    It is. The problem is in how you learn it. Chances are traditional concepts haven’t worked too well for you. What I’ve done is blended complicated biomechanics with the science of learning that makes improvement no harder than throwing a ball or riding a bike. It’s a powerful combination that ensures success.

  • q-iconI've tried all sorts of theories and none of them have worked before, will this work for me?

    I believe that the talent is already inside you… the key is in letting it out. I’m convinced that you’ve already hit lots of great golf shots and possibly had days where you’ve hit the ball long and straight. My lessons help you tap into this game and allow you to bring it to the surface more of the time – if not all of the time.

  • q-iconI really can't be bothered with swing changes. I just want to get outside and play golf and have fun, can you still help me?

    I hear you loud and clear. And this is what is all about. Getting outside and playing golf. Learning. Having fun. Shooting great scores. I don’t care much for the practice fairway or technical information. My lessons focus on reducing the amount of practice you do – in fact, most of my students can practice less and get better scores. It may sound strange and counter-intuitive but improvement isn’t always as it seems.

  • q-iconAre you serious about your guarantee?

    Yep. Sure am. I’ve been writing and coaching golf for over 20 years now. And to be honest, when I learned about the principles contained within this product it transformed my game. Over the years I’ve helped 1000s of golfers and the advice never fails because it’s designed in a way that works with YOUR learning system and not against. I stand behind this product 100% and if you don’t like it, for any reason, just ask for a refund and I’ll sort it out.

  • q-iconHow much further will I be able to hit the ball?

    It’s hard to say but at a bare minimum you’ll be able to play better golf (with longer drives) using less effort and placing strain on your body. My best guess is at a minimum you’ll start at 10 metres and as much as 40 metres. And because I can’t guarantee anything here I do offer a full money back guarantee.

  • q-iconWhat form is this product?

    It is all electronic. You are sent login details to a private website once order confirmed. There is nothing posted to you in physical form.

  • q-iconWhat's with all the options?

    You can get access to the main Golf Power video by choosing the Standard Package. If you’re after some extra coaching and ideas, you can choose a premium package. The Platinum Pro edition also comes with my Drive Launcher training aide – this is posted to your door with FREE shipping.

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