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  • Improve Your Golf Swing

    BioSwing Secrets is my fully updated version of the original golf swing model. It contains advanced training concepts and short cuts to learning the simplest, but most effective swing mechanics of all time.

  • Make More Putts

    Putting should be a simple and easy skill. Sadly, many of us crazy golfers make it way harder than it needs to be. With my Perfect Putting System you’ll learn the secrets of the world’s best putter and gain the ability to sink more putts, even under huge pressure.

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    When you’ve got your swing and putting under control you’ll get a huge confidence boost to your game. You’ll get a shot of confidence that will unlock consistency, lower scores and true enjoyment.

My Best Online Training Courses

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  • A better golf swing

    Effortless power

    Less strain on your back and joints

    A finesse swing rather than exaggerated effort

    More distance with a simpler swing

    A biomechanically optimised golf swing that is easy to apply

  • A better putting game

    Sink more putts

    A natural and simple stroke

    Make more putts under pressure

    A better routine that makes you yip-proof

  • Overall better game

    Improved concentration

    More confidence

    Less fear and self-doubt (because you’re working on the right stuff)

    Better consistency

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Perfect Putting Content

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