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A Simpler & Smarter Way To Approach Your Golf

Why make golf improvement harder when there's an easier way. Almost all golf instruction complicates an already difficult game. GolfGooRoo is about putting the odds in your favour - making golf improvement as simple as riding a bike, driving a car or throwing a ball.

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About GolfGooRoo


My name is Cameron Strachan and I've been fascinated with golf for nearly 30 years.

Traditional instruction failed me and I've devoted most of my adult life to finding better and simpler ways of learning/playing.

Along my journey I've helped thousands of golfers, from tour professionals to weekend warriors. My mission is to make golf learning easier and more fun. When this happens you're almost certain to see an improvement in your performance.

Sadly, most of the mainstream industry fails badly.

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I've also written popular golf books on putting, the golf swing and mental training that may tickle your fancy.

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Cameron Strachan