My golf game was killing me ... Until I discovered this learning miracle ...


YES! I want to know more about Automatic Golf and hear the full story about natural learning.

I understand that this is an electronic product and I can get instant access. Just some of what I'm going to discover...

  • Automate my golf game
  • Play more consistently
  • Unlock my true potential
  • Show me how to find my natural game
  • Play with more confidence
  • And break out of my golfing rut

Audio length is 60 minutes (approx.) minutes.

If I'm not completely satisfied I can get a full refund no questions asked.




Golf-Course-Domination-cd125Also comes with Golf Domination Mp3. This audio is ideal to listen to on to the way to the golf course to get you ready to play your best golf.

  • Q.What's this product about?

    A.This almost came about by accident. A mate of mine continually asked me lots of questions about my golf game. He was fascinated by my story and how I had discovered a way to make golf easier. He was continually pestering me day to day so I suggested we sit down and go into more depth.

    One thing led to another and we ended up in a recording studio. The end result was a professionally produced audio (all the ums and ahs have been removed) and something that really surprised me. The fact that I was talking to a mate in a comfortable environment meant I cut loose – some of my answers hit a home run in terms of learning and performance.

  • Q.What format is it in? Can I get a hardcopy?

    A.It’s only available as a Mp3 file. There is no hardcopy available.