New Book Reveals: Scientific Golf Swing Secrets

Discover the simple and easy secrets that will give you a longer drive, greater accuracy and will place less stress and strain on your body.

This book contains all the "good bits" from a major biomechanical study into the golf swing so you'll have less to think about. And best of all you can get your own copy for only $1 - just pay the postage. This is a special introductory offer so order now!

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In this Book You Will Discover...

  • Simple and easy swing

    Discover the scientific secrets that will give you a simpler, yet powerful golf swing.

  • Less Stress and Strain

    You’ll learn a more effective swing that places less stress and strain on your back and joints.

  • Most important fundamental

    And discover the amazing fundamental that finally makes owning a better golf swing possible. This is the Holy Grail of golf instruction and has been ignored by virtually the entire industry.

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"I have been reading/following your technique, many of the properties and values I share. Keeping it simple is certainly a philosophy that would be best undertaken by all golfers, certainly those less proficient, but amazingly it often seems that the reverse is true. And as we age a less rotational action is certainly logical and practical"

Phil Scott PGA Professional

What Every Golfer Ought To Know About The Golf Swing...

In 2004 a comprehensive, yet almost obscure, scientific study was undertaken on the golf swing.

The research was full on. Comprising of an international team of biomechanics, the study was the first of its kind that looked at a full body analysis of the swing.

The testing protocol also measured golfers for muscle activity and ground reaction forces (weight-shift and pivot etc).

From here the data was plugged into a 3D mathematical model of the human system and this gave the scientists, perhaps for the first time, an intricate look at the real workings of the golf swing.

From here the research team were invited to present their findings at an Implied Symposium at the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport Conference. And it was here the golf swing model started to grow legs.

One independent scientist who viewed the presentation stood up and declared that the research represented the "Golf Swing of the Future".

PGA Professionals in the audience were spellbound as they witnessed this simple, yet effective swing model that proved many of golf's long-held beliefs incorrect.

From here the researchers traveled the globe, presenting the swing model to various golf organisations in Australasia.

This was just the start of an interesting journey...

Over the last 10 years the swing model has been refined further, making it even more effective for golfers everywhere to play golf with consistency and less frustration.

Here's just some of what's contained in this new golf book, Scientific Golf Swing Secrets;


  • The only 2 grip fundamentals a golfer needs
  • How any golfer can own a better golf grip in seconds
  • What every golfer should do to their golf clubs to get an instant advantage
  • The secret to hitting the most powerful drive of your life
  • Why almost all golf instruction causes you to hit a weak slice ball
  • Why you don't need a big backswing to play better golf (and what you should do instead)
  • How to get an instant power boost without making major swing changes (this is so effective the scientists call it a "mechanical advantage")
  • The 2 drills that help any golfer, no matter your handicap, to feel a powerful and simpler golf swing in minutes
  • How to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistently while using less effort and placing less stress and strain on your body (ideal for older golfers who have lost flexibility and some strength)

The Most Important Golf Swing Fundamental Ever Revealed

Plus you're going to discover the most important golf swing fundamental that science has found. This is so important because it's the discovery that helps explain why some golfers can hit the ball long and straight and why others struggle. It dispels some of the biggest myths in the game and shows you the fastest and simplest way you can improve.
In a nutshell, this finding is the Holy Grail of golf instruction because it,

  • Shows you why the best players make the game look so easy
  • Helps explain why good players look like they have more time to hit the ball
  • Reveals how any golfer can have more confidence and remove fear and self-doubt
  • Explains the crazy phenomenon of why golfers with "ugly" swings can still play so well
  • Reveals why most golfers struggle with a slice and what you must do to fix it (same goes for a hook and those other terrible miss-hits)
  • Explains how you can unlock your best A-game without destroying your golf swing in the process

This information is powerful stuff! And it's ideal for any golfer who wants to know the real secrets for unleashing a more powerful, consistent and accurate golf shots. This book is perfect for any golfer whose game is in a rut and needs serious help.

This book has just been released and is the golfer friendly version of the scientific research. No complicated mathematics or detailed things to remember. This book has been written by a golfer to help golfers everywhere unlock their best game.

Finally, this book introduces powerful learning concepts that make real improvement possible. You'll discover why MOST golfers find improving hard and spend years going around in circles. Best of all you'll learn scientific proven techniques that will help you master your golf swing and having you playing better golf by the weekend.

Not only will your golf swing have a mechanical advantage, you'll get a mental advantage because you'll start to swing with the natural biomechanics of YOUR body.

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