Order the paperback version of Scientific Golf Swing Secrets for only $1!

Scientific Golf Swing Secrets (hardcopy)

YES Cameron! I'd like to order your book, Scientific Golf Swing Secrets for only $1 (plus postage)

And learn the real secrets to a better golf swing...

I understand that I can place my order with you safely and securely and the book will be dispatched right away. Typically shipping takes 2-4 days in Australia and up to 2 weeks for International orders.

This is a special offer of only $1 and all I have to do is cover the shipping cost.

I understand this book contains the MOST important scientific secrets on HOW I can own a better golf swing. This will enable me to think less about my swing so I can actually play the game. No longer will I need to get bogged down with mindless technique and stupid swing thoughts.

  • Q.Is this really a hardcopy?

    A.Yes. It has printed and it will be posted to your door.

  • Q.Is it similar to your BioSwing material?

    A.It is based on BioSwing but it’s a nice abbreviation of that swing methodology.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.All over the world. If you have any problems with the order form please let me know.

  • Q.Why so cheap?

    A.Because I want as many golfers to get their hands on this information. It’s very simple but utterly profound. It really makes improving your golf swing as easy as possible.

  • Q.How long does shipping take?

    A.I use Australia Post so it’s anyone’s guess. Inside Australia it typically takes 2-4 days. International orders can take longer. I almost always ship same day.

  • Q.Can I get a PDF?

    A.Argh! This is the first book I’ve done that isn’t a PDF. Sorry, but at this stage it’s only available as a book and one reason I’ve kept the price low.