[Swing Trainer] Here's How You Can FIX Your Golf Swing & Take Your Game To New Heights

The perfect blend of biomechanics and the science of learning that makes golf improvement no harder than riding a bike or driving a car. Master the Flat Spot Principle and your golf game will never be the same again...

If you're interested in taking your golf learning and performance to a whole new level then check out the packages below. All items are exclusive to www.GolfGooRoo.com and are guaranteed to help you improve your golf swing and make golf simpler.

Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher (save $50)
  • Swing Trainer device (Improve flat spot)
  • Drive Launcher
  • User guides
  • 30 day guarantee
  • + Postage
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Get the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher delivered to your door. Comes with training manual and instructional videos.

Swing Trainer Elite Package (save $60)
  • Swing Trainer
  • Drive Launcher
  • BioSwing Video & BioSwing Secrets PDF & training videos (online)
  • User guides
  • + Postage
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Get the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher training products, plus get BioSwing training content and bonus videos.

Swing Trainer & Drive Launcher Platinum (save $80)
  • FSP Swing Trainer
  • Drive Launcher
  • ChipMaster Pro
  • Almost Golf Balls
  • BioSwing Bonus package
  • Cameron's Simple Golf Learning System
  • + Postage
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Get the Swing Trainer, Drive Launcher, ChipMaster Pro + 10 Almost Golf Balls. Also comes with my complete online training resource, including BioSwing Secrets and my Simple Learning system.

More info:

The "standard" Swing Trainer package is ideal for those golfers looking for an instant improvement to their golf swing. Package comes with both the Swing Trainer and Drive Launcher devices. Also includes user guides and basic training videos (videos delivered electronically after purchase)

The Elite Package includes both training devices plus all of my extra BioSwing training content.

The Platimum package is for golfers who want to make a complete change to their game. It includes all products from above and also the Chip Master Pro - an objective based training tool that fixes your short game. Normally sells for $49 separately. My special Golf Mastery Videos and Simple Learning System (over 2 hours of footage) are also included and they have sold for as much as $147 - all videos are delivered via a private website. As a special bonus I'm including 10 Almost Golf Balls - a brilliant golf ball for backyard practice.

All information and products are backed by a 30-day guarantee. Please contact me if you have any questions.

  • Q.I'm left handed, do these products work for me?

    A.Yes. All my devices work for left handed players (I’m a left hander too).

  • Q.Does the swing trainer work with my driver?

    A.No but the Drive Launcher has been designed to be used with your driver.

  • Q.Where do you ship?

    A.I ship all over the globe. If you have a postal address the chances are I can get it to you.

  • Q.Is the FSP really that important?

    A.Yes. It’s the principle that separates good golfers from those that struggle. Get this right and you’ll definitely see an improvement with your ball striking and confidence.

  • Q.The postage seems high, what's going on here?

    A.The Swing Trainer comes in a large box and is expensive to ship. I don’t make money on the shipping and almost always absorb the cost. Overseas shipping is unbelievable – to the USA it actually costs around $80 to post.

  • Q.What package do you recommend?

    A.The Platinum package represents amazing value. You get access to all of my best training and all of the training aides.

  • Q.What currency are these prices?

    A.All pricing is in Australian Dollars