How a Frustrated 30 Year Old Golf Rogue Ignored all the Traditional Golfing Wisdom and used a Scientific Skiing Study to Develop the Perfect Golf Swing Training System

And How You Can Gain a Mental And Mechanical Advantage by Tapping Into The Only Swing Fundamental That Truly Matters. Learn To Swing With Confidence and Remove All Self-Doubt...

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From: Cameron Strachan
Founder: BioSwing

Dear Golfer,

I know what it is like to try (and fail) to improve your golf swing. There’s so many concepts, ideas and methods available that it can be difficult to know where to start.

This confusion can set you up to experience what I call the Technique Phenomenon. This is basically how as adults we confuse our learning system so much that it shuts down and gives up.

From here poor golf is guaranteed. Frustration sets in and improvement becomes impossible.

Many times throughout my development I thought I had found the answer. One minute I'd be hitting the ball long and straight only to lose it. Good golf was quickly replaced with horrendous shots. Slices, hooks and even air-balls. Not much fun and incredibly frustrating.

The solution?

Usually it's more technique. I'd find something different to work on and even change coach. It’s a bit like a merry-go-round. I was going around and around but I was never getting to where I wanted to go. It seemed the more things I tried the harder (and more confused) the game became.

The moment that gave me the answers

Science. It was the answer to my problems.
I was lucky enough to get involved with some really geeky sports research scientists. These super smart guys had the brains and the technology to research golf like it had never been done before, including a multimillion dollar testing facility with all the bells and whistles to analyze every inch of the swing.

These guys even got their hands on a complete mathematical model of the human body - from here they plugged in the data to give them,

The Most Accurate Golf Swing Model Ever Devised

You’d think that this would be the end of the story. That once I knew what the golf swing model was I’d be able to replicate it. That with a bit of practice I could learn a better swing and start playing better golf.
But knowledge is only a part of the equation. The "WHAT" you have to do is everywhere. The thing that poor golfers miss out on is "HOW" to learn a better golf swing.
The scientific research was awesome. I learned plenty and got to work closely with some of the smartest people on the planet. It is something that I would never change. But it wasn’t the thing that kick started my golf development.

The one presentation that changed my golf forever

The best thing about the research was the doors it opened for me. I got to travel the world and present the findings to scientists and the golf industry. One such event was the International Society of Biomechanical in Sports (ISBS) seminar. I was the first non-scientist to speak at that event and I got to sit in on other presentations.

The highlight for me was a presentation by the Austrian Ski Team. I was blown away by the level these guys go to shave fractions of a second from their skiing times. They take everything so seriously and will do anything to improve their performances.

Even change long held beliefs. Let me explain more.

In the summer months skiers usually kept in shape by rollerblading. This had been happening for so long that no one ever questioned it. To a casual observer this probably seems like the right thing to do. After all, skiing and rollerblading appear quite similar. You would think that, but at the scientific level they were actually miles apart.

So far apart that the Austrian scientists discovered that rollerblading was inhibiting performance. So what did they do?

They came up with an array of exercises/drills that mimicked correct skiing technique. And this was where things got really interesting.

The scientific team devised all these strange looking drills. They didn’t even look like skiing. One drill involved sliding on a plastic mat and another looked more like a strange weightlifting move. But they had a purpose – and that was to teach the individual the exact motions for improving their skiing performance.

And they worked. In the first practice sessions after summer the skiers found their times had improved. They actually had gotten better by not skiing. These weird little drills helped the Austrians stay on top of their sport. They also got my mind spinning.

How To Develop Better Ways For Learning A Golf Swing

The one thing that hit me in the face like a cold shower was the importance of teaching people HOW to learn a new skill. The what is obviously important, but the HOW finishes off the learning cycle.

The research scientists knew what needed to happen in correct skiing technique. The problem for them was trying to teach it. You can’t just tell an athlete what to do – you must give him a blueprint for how.

The clever little drills worked a treat. They ensured the athletes could understand and then implement what was required. They got to experience and feel the correct technique for themselves. Much better than reading it in a book or getting bogged down with boring (and often complicated) science.

All the skiers had to do was perform the drill and the body’s natural learning system does the rest. It was unbelievable and something I knew would have an impact on golf.

My excitement was heightened further when I got to meet these scientists at the after party. They went on to say that the research is important
but ...

... learning how to teach the findings is most important. It also makes all the research and hard work worthwhile.

The Golf Equivalent of Skiing Drills

Then and there I decided golf needed the same approach. I already had the scientific findings. I needed to devise the drills and exercises that would help golfers learn a better swing. I wanted to ensure it would be as easy as it was for the Austrian Ski Team. Simply perform the drills and let your body do the rest.

Through all of the golf research there was one thing that kept coming up. The better the golfer the longer the flat spot. The flat spot was the area just prior to the ball, including, and immediately after the ball. It was found that better golfers were able to keep the club face and club head on the target line for a longer period of time.

That is, they had a longer flat spot. The interesting thing was that it didn’t really matter what they did before impact. Grip, stance and backswing were essentially irrelevant. If the club achieved a flat spot the ball was struck with power and accuracy on a consistent basis. To be honest, the flat spot is ...

The Only Thing That Really Matters In Your Golf Swing

Get this right and the ball can only fly long and straight - the ball will have pure backspin. I termed the phrase, The Flat Spot Principle to highlight this key part of the golf swing.

Things got really exciting when good golfer's flat spots were compared to handicap players. They didn’t have a flat spot at all. The club face and club head never traveled along the target line. As a result they rarely could hit the ball straight and almost always suffered one of the following shots/problems;

  • Slice
  • Hook
  • Shank
  • Pull
  • Push
  • Lack of power
  • Inconsistency

To be honest, golfers without a decent length flat spot had no chance. They were fighting physics and there wasn’t much they could do about it. Worse, any thoughts of grip, stance or swing changes were useless because unless the flat spot was increased nothing was going to help.

But I found a problem...

The Flat Spot Principle is hard to teach. The club is moving so quickly that it’s impossible to feel and know what you’re doing wrong. By the time you see the ball slice (or hook or shank etc) it’s too late. You’ve performed the motion and nothing can be gained. What was needed was a way to teach the FSP without making it complicated.

A Simple Solution For Teaching The Flat Spot Principle

It was obvious. I needed to devise a way to teach golfers how to achieve a longer flat spot. I knew if I could do that then all golfers would have an easy way of improving their golf swing.

I tried many things. Most didn’t work that well or weren’t practical.

But I kept testing and eventually came up with the idea of swinging the club between a sponge gate. An engineer helped me with the design (to make sure it was accurate and based on the scientific findings) and something that was sturdy and reliable.

I knew I had nailed the design when ...

Lifelong Slicers of the Ball Started Swinging With Power and Confidence

It was amazing. The device is designed in a way that forces you to swing correctly. Make a bad swing and you’ll hit a sponge. Make a really bad swing and you’ll hit three (nobody has managed to hit or four yet!). Hitting the sponge gives you something that nearly all other golf coaching misses out on.

Instant Feedback!

Feedback allows learning to take place. It’s too late for your coach to say, “you lifted your head”. It’s hopeless to view your swing on a video a minute or two after a bad swing. If you want to improve your golf swing you need instant feedback.

The Swing Trainer gives you the instant feedback you need.

It forces you to make a better swing. Your swing is automatically hard-wired to swing along the flat spot. And remember, if you have a flat spot in your swing the ball MUST fly long and straight. And it doesn't matter if your grip, stance or any other part of your swing is out. Achieving the flat spot can overcome all of your other swing faults.

And the following point is really important.

The Swing Trainer doesn’t make the swing for you. You must learn the swing. Let me explain more.

Some fancy contraptions allow you to rest the club on a tubular pipe or similar. You then make the swing with the club being guided by the pipe. This is rubbish! You are not learning anything here. After the first swing or two you’re going by memory. After that you’re getting exercise, not golf improvement.

The Swing Trainer works because you must make the swing – there’s nothing guiding you artificially. You’re learning the right way to achieve a longer flat spot. You're actually learning and integrating a swing that you will own and can take to the golf course. A better swing is being hardwired into your brain.

It's a bit like having your own private golf coach watching every move you make. And the more swings you make the better and more consistent your golf swing becomes.

Here's how it works

It’s really simple. Set the sponges up and attempt to swing the club through without touching them. There’s four different levels so you can start easy and progress up to the PGA Tour level (this is really difficult). If you make a poor swing you’ll get instant feedback. Start again and keep going.

Swing through the gates without touching them is the primary objective

When you can consistently swing through the sponges make the tolerances tighter. Your focus is on getting the club between the sponges without touching them. All the while your swing is improving naturally and gradually. You don’t even have to think about it.

When the club makes it through the sponges you’re achieving a flat spot. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s as close to a perfect swing as you’ll get. Best of all you’ll find your swing improving in minutes. You’ll actually be able to feel the difference between a poor swing versus a great swing.

Make a bad swing and you’ll hit a sponge and you’ll know instantly that you’ve done something wrong. You don’t need to panic or worry. Reset the sponges and swing away again. Your natural learning system will do the rest.

Make a poor swing and you'll instantly get feedback - enhancing learning time

Instant feedback equals faster learning times and improved performance. Science has shown this is the most effective way to learn anything.

Who's this for?

It’s ideal for any golfer that wants to learn an effective golf swing. The Swing Trainer makes it easy for you to learn the correct sequence without getting bogged down with complicated technical details.

It also helps you achieve a better golf swing by adopting the principles outlined in Bioswing, the scientific golf swing of the future.

Set Up: You’ll instinctively adopt a square stance. Nothing more to be said here because I have NEVER seen a golfer set up with a poor stance inside the ST.

Take Away
: The swing trainer encourages you to move the club away with your hands. If you over rotate (a
common problem) you’ll hit a sponge. You have great control of your hands so now is the time to use them.

The BackSwing: Once the club negotiates the sponges on the way back you’ll naturally be on the correct swing plane. I don’t like teaching swing plane because it should happen naturally. I have found no better way to teach swing plane than with my Swing Trainer. You'll also find that your swing will get shorter because a big backswing only makes it harder to negotiate the sponges on the way down.

Top Of Back Swing: Because you’ve started the club away with your hands and are now on plane, you should find yourself in a powerful, yet comfortable, top of back swing position. You're now in a mechanical advantageous position to smash the golf ball.

The Downswing: This is where the Swing Trainer does its best work. A common problem at this point in the swing is to spin or over rotate. Spinning is a byproduct of the “big muscle” golf instruction. If you spin, the club goes outside the line and you come over the top of the ball.

In the past you’ve had no way of knowing you’ve done this (other than seeing a slice or a pull left). With the Swing Trainer you’ll hit a sponge and get instant feedback. The beauty of your learning system is that you’ll only do this for a short amount of time. It becomes annoying to reset the sponges – and you’ll naturally and instinctively stop the over the top move. I've seen lifelong slicers change their swing habits in a matter of minutes.

Golf Swing Timing
: A big secret of BioSwing and the Swing Trainer is that it improves your golf timing. Have you ever wondered why good golfers make the game look so easy? The reason is that their swing allows them to swing confidently. When the club head and club face travels along the target line the ball can only go in one direction. Straight at the target.

The Flat Spot Principle is the reason why good players hit the ball so well. The Swing Trainer forces you to achieve a longer flat spot. A longer flat spot gives you a sensation of "more time" to hit the ball. This is the dirty little secret that great players have. The FSP is the golf timing secrets of the best players on the planet.

Golf Power: All golfers want extra power. But power can normally only come with accuracy. When you have a flat spot in your swing you can turn on the power. You do this by swinging harder and faster at the ball. It’s the same way you’d throw a ball further. You simply apply more power.

The issue for most has been applying more power with no flat spot results in the ball ending up further in the trees, or worse. Poor golfers end up swinging with fear – their swings are tight and lack flow. With my Swing Trainer you’ll learn a better and more powerful swing. You'll have the confidence to swing as hard as you like without fear of the ball traveling off line.

Is this for you?

Over the years I have spoken to many golfers who want to improve their golf swing. Most golfers are looking for a simple solution. Golfers tend not be interested in spending long hours on the practice fairway or rebuilding their golf swing. The Swing Trainer is ideal if you want to maximise your current game as quickly as possible.

If playing and swinging better is important to you then my Swing Trainer is ideal. It cuts through the garbage of mainstream instruction and allows you to learn a better golf swing without having to think about hundreds of technical rules and regulations. For example,

If you slice the ball the chances are you have an open stance and come over the top of the ball. Your flat spot is either non-existent or really small. You may hit the odd good shot but chances are you consistently hit a weak slice ball.

The swing trainer will help you set up square immediately. It is really hard to have an open stance and still swing through the gate. I have noticed that this will naturally improve your golf grip – you instinctively adopt a more powerful grip.

From here your backswing is on plane and the clubface square (or even slightly closed). At the top of the swing your subconscious will avoid spinning out because it wants to avoid hitting the sponges. Perhaps for the first time you’ll actually experience the correct stable downswing move where you’re approaching the ball on the correct plane and with power.

The rest of the swing takes care of itself. The clubhead and clubface are moving quickly along the target line. The ball can only go in one direction – straight with pure back swing. You are free now to swing harder and with more speed. The harder you can swing the further and straighter the ball will go.

With my Swing Trainer the process is clear...

If you can swing the club through the gates your golf swing will improve. This simple objective makes the golf swing easy and your learning system is more than capable of performing it.

I’m not sure I can make the golf swing any simpler than this.

What else can you tell me?

The Swing Trainer is made from high impact plastic. It has been tested to withstand thousands of hits. In fact, you will have long learned and perfected your swing before you wear it out. The sponges are also high impact. You may nick them but you won’t break them. They are a special sponge specifically sourced to withstand direct impact with a golf club. But please remember your job is to NOT hit them.

Works for left and right handed golfers and is an ideal training tool to use from the home or office.

Comes with instructional guide.

COST: $129 + postage

As a beginner to golf (STARTED 18 MONTHS AGO AGED 64) I have been searching the literature extensively and golf coaches for a method that teaches the basic golf swing.

Whilst coaches may give good advice you have no mechanical system for practicing the advice. Nothing keeps you on track and in a few hours you forget or get confused over what he said to do.

Until the swing trainer I found nothing – it’s all advice and theory of what to do but nothing that taught you how to do it.

The brilliance and simplicity of Cameron’s Swing Trainer is that you teach yourself what to do – you work out what your muscle system has to do in order to swing along the correct plane which I believe will then create an automatic natural swing. It’s like your car driving analogy – Once you have some basic feel of what to do you start doing it automatically. i.e once you know where the brake pedal is. You don’t have to look for it next time.

The best part was is that I can feel the difference between a good and bad swing instantly. I don’t have to over think – my mind is clear and I keep getting better.

I sincerely believe if I had the swing trainer 18 months ago I would have picked up the basic swing immediately.

You should get a patent!

Iain Edwards,, Sydney, Australia
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