Swing Trainer, Drive Launcher Elite Package

Yes Cameron! I'm keen to get your Elite Package from you. I'm ready to order the Swing Trainer, Drive Launcher and all your online BioSwing training content. I understand that the physical goods will ship right away and you'll hook me up with online access to all of the electronic content once my order has been approved. You have set up a secure order page and all I have to do to place my order is fill in the form below.

The Swing Trainer

  • Q.Does it work for a left handed player?

    A.Yes. This device works for all golfers, both left and right handed players.

  • Q.What club can I use with it?

    A.It has been designed to use with a 6 or 7 iron. Research has shown these are the best clubs for learning anything to do with the swing. The device has not been designed to use with the long irons.

  • Q.What about the driver swing?

    A.You can use the Drive Launcher to hone your driver swing. It works in the same way as the Swing Trainer, but in this case promoting a solid strike with your driving club.

  • Q.How long should I practise for?

    A.Best results will be achieved when you use short and sharp sessions. 10 to 15 minutes is plenty and if you can do this a few times per week you’ll do very well. Frequent short sessions are a lot better than one long session.

  • Q.Can I hit balls from the device?

    A.My strong recommendation is NO. This defeats the purpose. Your goal is to improve your swing and when you hit balls you’ll get distracted. You full attention should be on getting the club through the gates without touching the sponges. Forget about hitting balls for the minute.

  • Q.Is there a user guide?

    A.Yes, it comes with the package and explains the device and safety requirements in more detail. If you purchase from www.GolfGooroo.com you’ll also get some bonus videos that I shot – these will be forwarded via email once order is processed.

  • Q.What else can you tell me?

    A.The Swing Trainer is a simple device that helps build a better golf swing. It works because it enhances your natural swing and doesn’t complicate matters. Ultimately it will help you achieve a longer flat spot and any increase here will have a significant positive impact on your game.

  • Q.Is there a guarantee?

    A.Yes, please contact me if you are having trouble. If you can’t get it to work I may be able to help. If all else fails I’ll refund your money. No stress.