[Complete Golf Learning System] Automatic: The Art of Simple Golf

YES Cameron! I'm ready to embrace a simpler, easier and ultimately more effective way of playing golf. And I can't wait to learn how I can simplify my golf game and once and for all discover how I can unleash my full potential.

Just so you're sure:

This product comes in two parts:

  1. The first part is the main training manual that delves deep into human learning and performance. You'll discover how you can simplify your game and get more results for the least amount of time and effort. You also get access to the Workbook section, that gives you more information, including exercises, to hardwire this mindset deep into your subconscious.
  2. (Elite & hardcopy version only) The second section contains all the online video instructions. Most chapters have a video component that guide and offer further insight into the learning. Not everyone likes reading and video can be a powerful tool. At the time of publishing there are over 15 videos with more being added.


Cameron's ideas are profound. I was lucky enough to spend two days with him and he showed me why I was making golf so hard. He not only showed me, he took the time to really bash me around and forced me to see golf differently.

I couldn't believe how easy his ideas are to implement. There was no confusion and his coaching left a lasting impression on me. So much so, a few weeks later I won my Club Championship by 11 strokes. I have continued to stay automatic and I keep striving to simplify my game - every now and then I slip back to traditional thinking, but Cameron is quick to get me back on track.

Tony Lucas, Tasmania, Australia

I have known Cameron for many years and I have followed him closely. He's super passionate about helping others and pointing them on a path of simplicity and enjoyment.

My highlights with Automatic Golf have been reducing my handicap from mid teens down to four and having an amazing round where I scored 52 stableford points.

But perhaps the greatest thing with AG has been the incredible learning journey. Instead of worrying about stupid things like my grip and stance and swing, I now can play the game. And let me tell you, when you leave all the shit behind, the game becomes truly enjoyable.

Auto Golf is never going to be for anyone, but if you struggle, like I did, with conventional wisdom then what have you got to lose? My strong recommendation is to hear Cameron's words loud and clear and start to make golf easier, and not harder.

John Stead, Albury, NSW

Thank you for your courage in explaining your story and opening such valuable perspective. It is an inspiration for all. It contains much practical wisdom on the value on playing the game of golf or life. They are one and same, which is why GOLF is such a mystic experience. Wishing you well. We have much to learn. KEEP WRITING.

Iain Edwards, Sydney, NSW

Thanks for your continuing help with this golf stuff.
Your last work is the best I've ever read...

...I think you have nailed it with your Automatic Golf training my friend and I a man enjoying the experience.

Each time I go back over the pages I glean a new insight that gets me closer to my goal of playing to 76. It's getting closer all the time.

For the past few months I'm having fewer 3 putts, more birdies and more fun.

Phil Bowden, Hervey Bay, QLD

  • Q.What format is the book?

    A.You can get it both as a digital download (PDF) or hardcopy (printed manual sent to your door). The choice is yours.

  • Q.How do I access the online videos?

    A.They are stored on a private website and once your order has been received you’ll get access credentials.

  • Q.Can I get the videos as a DVD?

    A.No. Sorry, the videos are only in web format at this time.

  • Q.Do I have to pay with PayPal?

    A.If you don’t like Paypal please contact me and we can process your order another way.

  • Q.What currency do you charge in?

    A.All pricing is in Australian Dollars

  • Q.I'm from outside of Australia, can I still order?

    A.Yes, I have sold golf products all over the world, including, USA, NZ, UK, Canada and all through Europe. If you have any problems with Paypal, then please let me know