80/20 Golf Learning: How To Make Significant Change To Your Golf Swing Without Destroying Your Game In The Process

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Video Summary

In this video we talk about the realities of making improvements to your golf swing - or more importantly, being able to create your desired ball flight on any given shot. The key point is learning the power of having a correct objective and not bombarding your learning system with how to swing the club. We are all learning machines and if we work WITH our system amazing things can (and will) happen.

  • Have a clear objective (break it down so it's simple)
  • Learning happens from within (we don't always need external input)
  • Explore the opposite of your current ball flight (can you hook if you slice?)
  • Listen to your body - if things get too complex it's time to simplify
  • Play! Feel your body and play with what you've got.

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  • George

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    Right handed Golf PLAYERS
    • Golf swing… some instructors (Not You) tell you the LEFT arm & hand controls the swing

    • Ask yourself which hand do you wipe your butt with ??
    Then ask yourself why ???? Is it because you can do a better job with it.

    • Then why not use that analogy to the golf swing, and use the right hand/arm more for the take away, power, and controlling club head direction

    • Work it out !!! try wiping your butt left handed then you’ll understand, Why!! listening to some golf instructors, “you’re still in the crap”.

  • Allan Kenny

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    a great idea i slice and the harder t try tohit the ball the bidder the slice i have tried closing the club a little with some success tomorrow we play and i will try to get the ball to go the other way i will close the sfance and club and see the results..Thanks again Allan Kenny

    • Scott Barrow

      Reply Reply August 25, 2014

      Sounds like a plan Allan.

      Go out tomorrow and do the experiment. See what happens. As Cam says in the video, you might need to go to the extreme (very closed stance and club face) to get a different result to normal. Be fearless and learn.

      Please report back in this forum!

  • Allan Kenny

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    Sorry the spelling mistake that should be Bigger the slice.Allan Kenny

  • Tony Lucas

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    The good part about this Cam is I’m getting a bit of an insight into what will be going on when I see you for the lesson in October.
    Cheers Lukey
    PS The input from Scott is very helpful as well

    • Scott Barrow

      Reply Reply August 25, 2014

      Hey Lukey,

      Surely you’d be putting the 80/20 principle into play and be coming to the workshop and then following it up with a day’s coaching with Cam?! A full immersion, pumping up you golf game!

  • Des Heffernan

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    Like the latest video Cam.Good insight into getting out of your own way.I have had a lot of trouble with this over the years as I am an analytical/technical person.Awarenees and Acceptance of this has helped me to learn and play better but it requires some discipline. So now,whenever any techcincal or negative crap arises I try to acknowledge that it’s there and just let it go.This way I’m giving my body the best chance to work naturally and fast track my learning capabilities.Like you say,it should come from within.That is,being present instead of being inside my head – once I got this then I became more aware of what was going on and I’m back to enjoying my golf. Hope this helps. Regards, Des.

  • Scott Barrow

    Reply Reply August 25, 2014

    Hi Des, love your comments. They do help.

    As you say discipline is the key when you understand a concept but still want (and need) to practise the habit.

    Cam and I don’t say that analytical/technical is all wrong and bad; obviously an appropriate amount of these qualities is needed and important at the right time. But it is far too dominant and out of balance in typical golf learning and play. This is especially so when you consider that we are talking about human movement; and good movement relative to our potential is smooth, flows and fits the moment. All things that thinking in the head interrupts. By acknowledging thoughts and letting them go, as you say, we let our body’s potential come to the fore, and give ourselves the best chances of successful golf shots in that moment. We don’t hit the ball with our thoughts!

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