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The Almost Golf Ball makes golf practice fun! It also helps you improve your golf game from anywhere. We're so convinced that you're going to love this ball that we're giving you the chance to try it FREE. See below for more...

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FREE Trial! Order our Fast Start Pack today at no charge - just pay shipping. We'll send you 6 Almost Golf Balls + the bonus training videos. You can try this amazing ball with no risk. Just pay $8.95 postage and if the Almost Golf Balls aren't the best practice golf ball you've seen then return for a full refund.

Trial period is 14 days.

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The world's best practice golf ball

No more excuses. You can practice your golf game from anywhere! Including, the office, the backyard and even a small apartment.

  • Realistic

    The Almost Golf Ball (Point 3) reacts like a normal ball. It gives you spin and control and unlike other practice balls, flies on a true path. It’s a lighter ball so it won’t travel as far, making it ideal for indoor and backyard practice.

  • 100% safe

    The Almost Golf Ball won’t damage you or your surrounds. It’s lightweight so it won’t break windows – you can work on your game without the worry of destroying the neighbourhood. Doesn’t even hurt if you get hit by one.

  • Improve your golf

    Get some sneaky practice in from anywhere. You can practice your golf swing or short game at times that are convenient to you. Absolutely perfect for those with small backyards – you get real feedback so you can learn a better swing/chip/pitch/bunker shot.

  • Fun

    Golf practice has never been so much fun. Great for the kids/grandkids and absolutely safe. Have hours of fun and watch your game improve before your eyes.

Here's how it works....

Looks like real golf ball. Feels like a real golf ball and behaves like a real ball. The Almost Golf Ball is lighter, so it travels a fraction of the distance but without losing ball flight control. You get accurate feedback and can now practice your golf from your own backyard.

Get true ball flight characteristics - improve your swing.

Get accurate feedback on your shots. Normal whiffle balls just don't work too well.

An Almost Golf Ball travels one third the distance as a regular ball. Great for backyard or urban practice.

The Almost Golf Ball

The Almost Golf Ball

The Almost Golf Ball is a must for any golfer. Practice your golf and keep your game in good shape whenever you have enough room to swing a golf club.

  • Practice

    Lightweight golf ball that flies like a normal ball. It won’t damage people or surrounds so it’s 100% safe,

  • Feedback

    Get the same feedback as you will from a normal ball. Spin and curve the ball and see your game improve before your eyes.

  • Innovative

    One of the best new golf products to hit the Australian market. Makes golf fun and can be used by serious golfers, right down to young kids.

Here's some more info

The Almost Golf Ball (point 3) is a lightweight foam golf ball that has been specifically designed for golf play in urban areas. This ball flies like a real ball but only goes one third the distance. It feels like a real ball, sounds like a real ball and gives you accurate feedback - but because it's so light, it can't cause any damage to windows, property or people.

We ship Australia wide and in most cases your product will ship same day.

Free Trial Offer. Get our Fast Start Pack sent to your door + the bonus training videos at no charge. Simply pay the postage cost of $8.95 and give the Almost Golf Ball a go! Trial period lasts 14 days. If you're not happy with the Almost Golf Ball then please return for a full refund.

We ship Australia wide and in most cases your order will ship same day...

  • Q.Why are Almost Golf Balls so good?

    A.Because they are just like a normal golf ball in many respects. The only difference is they fly a shorter distance. But feel, sound and ball flight are very similar. These balls don’t damage people or surrounds so they are perfectly safe.

  • Q.How far will they travel?

    A.The absolute maximum distance you’ll hit one is around 100 metres – and this is with a really high clubhead speed. Regular golfers won’t get anywhere near this. On average, the Almost Golf Ball will travel a third of your normal distance.

  • Q.Are they good for the short game?

    A.Yes, they are brilliant for the shorter shots. In fact, they come recommended by Dave Pelz who is the world authority on the short game.

    They work so well for the shorter shots that we believe any golfer who can practice with these balls will see a dramatic improvement in their game.

  • Q.I'm a coach, are these balls good for teaching?

    A.Yes, absolutely. Many golf instructors use these balls. They are particularly useful for indoor practice and working with beginners.

  • Q.Are they fun?

    A.Are you kidding? The Almost Golf Ball is an unbelievable invention. They make golf practice more fun and are ideal for any golfer. I even guarantee that this ball will give you tonnes of fun and enjoyment.

  • Q.Where do you ship these products?

    A.We have the exclusive rights in Australia, NZ and Asia. In most cases your order will ship same day or very next business day.

  • Q.Can I really hit them at home safely?

    A.Yes, they are lightweight so after initial impact they slow sown considerably. These balls won’t break windows, dint cars or cause damage to people. You can work on your game with confidence without worrying about the odd stray ball breaking something.

  • Q.What are they made from?

    A.The AG is made from a special foam that mimics the characteristics of a real ball. The Almost Golf Ball will last for many hits (1000’s) before needing replacing.

  • Q.What about postage and GST?

    A.Costs are subject to postage and GST (for Australian residents).

  • Q.What are the bonus videos?

    A.I’m such a fan of these balls that I will also send you some extra videos on how to practice more effectively and work on specific parts of your game. These are included at no charge.

  • Q.What's this FREE trial all about?

    A.We’re so convinced that this golf ball will blow your socks off we’re now giving you a risk free way of trying them. You receive our Fast Start Pack (6 balls and training videos) as a FREE trial. Use the balls for 14 days and if you’re not completely happy with them you can return for a full refund.

    If, after 14 days, you’re thrilled with them then you’ll be charged a final payment of $17.95.

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My 'Ballsy' Guarantee

I’m so convinced that the Almost Golf Ball will improve your golf and make golf practice fun that I’m offering a 30 day guarantee on them. Use them, smash them all over and if you don’t think that this ball is the best practice ball you’ve ever seen then I’ll give you your money back. Simply return the balls to me and I’ll promptly refund your money. You can even keep the bonus material that I send you.

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