The most common questions I receive about this content:

Does this work for a beginner? It really only works for those that have been playing golf for at least one year. If you've never hit a good shot or struggle to hit the ball you need to go through the uncomfortable stage of learning to strike the ball. But, by understanding these lessons, you'll be in a better place to play better golf when your swing skills do improve.

This seems too easy, why does it work? Because you are learning to get out of your own way. Even though it seems like the right thing to do, thinking and controlling your swing while playing is actually the worst thing you can do. If you let your subconscious do it's thing, you will play better. This is how we do most other skills in life. For some stupid reason we've made golf way too hard and used too much of our conscious mind. 

Can I still work on my swing? Sure, but you need to do the thinking part of it behind the ball. Even better, do the practice away from the course and use the course for playing golf. You'll do much better. My recommendation is to think and work on your swing away from the golf course and leave the golf course for playing the game. 

It's not working, what do I do now? Give it a chance. Are you following the advice properly? Some golfers think too much and struggle to let go. While the advice is easy to do it's also easy NOT to do. The 3-round challenge is imperative. If you feel you have followed the advice and failed, then let me know. Chances are you'll still be thinking too much. LET GO and stop trying so hard. This really works. 

I have done the 3 round challenge and had some success, what do I do now? Keep going. You don't need to do anything differently. The goal of the 3 round challenge is to get you to experience something Remarkable - if you do, then keep doing this each time you play. This is a funny quirk with human behaviour - once we get success we want to change. Don't. Keep playing automatically and you'll find your game continually improving.

I often hear teaching pros talk about the need to continually improve and work at your game. There may not be a worse thing to destroy your game because you'll be looking for things to fix and change. Automatic golf allows you to improve naturally - there's no need to continually make adjustments. If you do want to make alterations, do so away from the course. 

Will this ruin my swing? Not at all. The technique will only enhance your golf swing and give you your real golf swing - it can't give you something that you don't currently know how to do. If you think it does stuff you up you can always go back to what you've always done - your "normal" game will return.

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