Your body is not the power producer. This one concept is enough to simplify your swing and give you extra power. The body acts as a reactive support mechanism for your hands and arms. The body moves in response to the moving arms. Here’s the common problem.

The golfer gets to the top of his backswing, then thinking the body is the main power source, spins like crazy towards the ball. The club gets thrown outside the line and it’s then impossible to make a good pass at the ball. This spinning and lunging is the number one reason why golfers slice the ball.

Have you ever hit a shot that felt really easy but the ball rocketed off the club?

Of course you have. And these swings are what I call perfect golf swings. The reason they feel easy is because you are not over using your body. The body is stable and you’re then free to move the club quickly with the hands and arms. This is the easiest way to produce power. Unfortunately it goes against the grain a little so the advice is ignored.

The violent spinning (or lunging or throwing) of the body is replaced by a controlled move. The forces are working with you and you’ll find extra power without trying harder. You’ll get more power with less effort. A very efficient move and something that is possible for every golfer.

Notice the feet are flat on the ground, the body is square to target. This is a hand dominated swing. The body goes along for the ride. It’s a simple, easy and powerful golf swing.

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