It has been nearly 15 years since I first started writing about golf learning in earnest. In that time I've surpassed a million words of content (plus hundreds of videos and hours of audio) and I'm still going strong. And I've recently completed my 13th book! (my English teacher wouldn't believe it).

To mark this milestone I've put together some special reports that highlight my best and most important discoveries. These concepts come from the world of adult learning, business and science and I believe offer huge breakthroughs in making golf more simpler and easier to learn.

You can find the links to this content below. I'll be releasing the content in a sequential order - so if a link isn't clickable it will be soon. I'llĀ email you when the new articles become available. If you're not on my list please sign up here.

Thanks for all of your support over the last 15 years and I hope you enjoy the upcoming content.

The first report is called, The Path To Consistent Golf

You can leave your thoughts and questions below.

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  • Ralph Hagelbarger

    Reply Reply November 30, 2016

    I read and enjoyed your Bioswing instruction. Your instruction reminds me of similar ideas from Darrell Klassen about simplifying and hitting thru not to the ball ,three quarter swing,
    using hand or wrists to generate power,etc. You mentioned updating with new ideas?

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply November 30, 2016

      Ralph, in these upcoming reports I cover new and important information. Check them out, I reckon you’ll get some new insight…

  • william palmer

    Reply Reply November 30, 2016

    At last no more thinking about 20 diffirent things that you have read or some top coach tries to get you to swing like Rory or some other pro,but never about you, and how you could improve .by not trying to swing like someone else.Teach me how to swing my way,teach me how to enjoy golf again.I have read Hogans 5 Lessons Tommy Armour swing like me tried every tip in the world and ended up forgetting how i swung when i played and enjoyed the game.A lot of people have a lot to answer for all there teachings.Sorry to go on but i am absolutely fed up with pro teachers telling me do this do that and you will be a better player.Crap i want to be happy on the course not thinking do this do that.

  • Bernie

    Reply Reply December 1, 2016

    Hi again Cameron & family
    I have just started playing again after another three surgeries this year. Loved the “first” post. Looking forward to “what comes next”.
    Best wishes and seasons greetings.

  • jeff

    Reply Reply December 2, 2016

    Hey Cameron I’ve been with you for awhile now and have enjoyed your simple approach on different occasions. But being Me I have fallen back each time to fixing and tweeking…you know the results. But hey I golf most days and enjoy the time I spend on the course. I just wanted to say the club throwing drill has really had an impact on me. Now my warm up is six throws in the back yard and that’s my pre shot thought. Works great and my busy little mind hasn’t been able to undo such a simple exercise…so far. Thanks buddy. It’s also made my putting thoughts way more relaxed and although the results aren’t astounding they sure are more enjoyable. Thanks again and looking forward to the next report and looking back in on the web page. Jeff

  • Lukey

    Reply Reply December 5, 2016

    Hi Cam look forward to the book coming out and I assure you I will among the first to get a copy.



  • Don Brennan

    Reply Reply December 5, 2016

    How’s it goin Cameron.

    db touching base from the other side…..London that is!

    There’s a few years left in the old dog, so while I’m this side of the sod I’d really like to get hold of some of your stuff…..on line download or hard copy, it makes no odds!

    Can I make a ‘Sterling’/ ‘pomme pound’ payment to you for your latest tome ‘n can you facilitate this type of transaction at your end!?

    Or do you have something operating at this end?

    Have a warm Christmas while we deal with our brass monkeys over here ‘n a real big ta for everything to date…….it’s helped both solidify work in practice and qualify many long held suspicions!

    All the best,


    • Cameron

      Reply Reply December 7, 2016

      DB, yes mate, I send my stuff all over and best news is I charge in Aussie dollars. Go for it!

  • Phil bowden

    Reply Reply January 19, 2017

    Hi Cam,
    Just read your Pareto report, you will be interested to know that I proved it to the second decimal in the 70’s.
    Of course did not relate it to golf at the time so didn’t feel the impact there.
    About 2005 I read Pelz and can endorse the Two Put system your endorsing.
    Currently looking at the hole side of the ball when putting and feeling an improvement. Any research on that?
    Cheers phil

  • Iain G Edwards

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    hi cameron
    good to see you writing again about the worlds most difficult game .

    before we progress could you define what you mean by ” automatic golf.

    1, as a theoretical definition
    2. as an example of how someone plays play golf not “on automatic”
    3. an example of someone playing golf automatically

    this would clarify what your explaining

    . looking fro more wisdom

  • Gary Washington

    Reply Reply May 9, 2017

    I enjoyed your first report. Looking forward to the next two. My game has improved, although I do slip into fixing too often
    My most consistent contact occurs when I throw the club as I did when I threw the baseball to the shortstop after fielding a ground ball. I was a left handed first baseman. That is an automatic move for me.

  • Richard

    Reply Reply May 11, 2017

    Hi Cam,
    I first started playing golf at age 50 and was terrible at it (and still am). I have an engineering analytical brain which I think holds me back from improving. I first started using Don Trahans technique. I gave up on this after a while having not improved and no other Pro was using it. Since then I have tried Bobby Wilson and all the revolution golf tuition including Jim McLean, Gary Player, Martin Chuck, Andrew Rice etc. I then came across the Rotary Swing system about a year ago and pratted around with that for a few months. Clay Ballard was featured and now I am studying the Top Speed Golf system by him. Result, even though I am now 64 years old I am just as crap as ever with a handicap of about 28.I came across your automatic golf system in 2013 and purchased some of your stuff. I didn’t think at the time that my swing was good enough to be able do any automatic golf so I carried on with my ‘training’. Now is the time to revisit it.
    By the way I am not an uncoordinated idiot. I have a good looking golf swing, I am fit and I played ‘A’ grade squash in my younger years. I am looking forward to reading the rest of your stuff.
    Looks to me like someone pinched your training aid and called it the Eyeline Speed Trap. Its sold on Golfbox.

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