Ok. So you want to start hitting the ball further from the tee. You now know that a smooth, controlled and effortless swing is the way to go. This type of swing will give you more distance and accuracy – vitally important if you want to shoot lower scores. If you are under any doubt whatsoever, take a look at Ernie Els’ swing. The Big Easy always looks like he is in first gear. But next time you watch him play look how fast his club head is moving – his swing looks easy because his body is acting as a support mechanism – it is not dominating his golf swing.

Here are two drills you can use straight away to find a little more power in your swing:

Throw the club:

This is one of the best exercises I know. Science as shown that the golf swing is essentially a throwing motion of the arms. By throwing an old club down the fairway, you’re very closely mimicking a perfect golf swing. The further you can throw the club, the further you’ll hit the ball.

But be careful. This can be dangerous if you aren’t safe and aware of your surroundings. Start slowly and make sure no one is around. The idea is to develop a better swing – not take out someone walking their dog in the park. The key is to throw the club straight with a golf swing motion. Start with shorter throws and then gradually and surely, increase the power of each throw. If throwing a club feels a little radical for you, then replace the club with a ball.

Throwing a club or ball is a fantastic drill for learning a better golf swing

Sit down:

The best way to force your body to stabilise is to take it out of the swing. The easiest way to do that is to sit down. You’re then able to swing your arms and learn the correct way to apply power in the swing. The Power Stool has been designed to do this perfectly. The pivoting stool allows your body to support the motion and not dominate it.

– You can only make a small back swing (it is relaxed and so much more easier to learn)

– You get a natural bending in your left arm. This bending gives you a mechanical advantage. The quick story is that you’re able to start the down swing with more power. More power at the start equals more speed at impact (but don’t over do it – too much bending loses the advantage)

– Your body is forced to remain stable – it can’t spin or lunge at the ball.

– You naturally learn how to use your arms to apply power – almost instantly you’ll get that feeling of effortless power. When learned correctly you can hit balls from the seated position and it’s possible to get close to your maximum distance sitting down!

– This swing is easy. It feels too easy! There’s little strain on the body and you get more power (and distance) with less effort.

You can start by sitting on a swivel chair and swinging your arms. Keep your feet flat on the ground and let rip with your arms.

Sitting and swinging your arms is an easy way to find “effortless” power

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