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This webinar shows you the 3 most important scientific discoveries relating to the golf swing. The information is the perfect blend of biomechanics and natural learning principles. This way the coaching can be integrated into your game and fast improvement made.

You're also going to learn, in great detail, the most important discovery made from a comprehensive biomechanical analysis of the swing. This information is the true SECRET of golf and helps explain why the best players make the game look so easy.

And finally, you're going to learn the best way of implementing this amazing secret into your game.

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  • john

    Reply Reply January 23, 2015

    Hi Cameron love your articles,
    I’m 61, play off 5, still get the drives out there upwards of 260m.
    I also got bogged down with do this on the take away, then that on the downswing, cock the wrists, inside out, slide rotate hips etc etc
    Before automatic golf I was a basket case .
    So how do “I” do this automatic swing?
    The way I’ve gone about it was used this drill
    Take my stance, move the left foot to my right so both feet are together, take a back swing (“My” back swing position to stay balanced) if I took it back upright or flat I couldn’t stay balanced.
    I would then step left & swing the club through simultaneously, never did I get out of balance, effortless no matter how fast I would swing
    Now the $64 question how do I do this with a normal stance & hit the golf ball.
    I’m a total believer that the arms control the speed & direction of the golf club.
    I use the #1 lever (arm wrist joints and shoulder triangle) as the “controller” of speed & direction
    # 2 lever (hands & golf club) “multiplier” Follows what ever I do with the #1 lever.
    If I was to throw you a ball (a short or long way) “MY feelings” on what I do is take the right elbow back, move it forward, the wrist would bend & release the ball in relation to how fast I was moving my elbow

    So what I’ve come up with is to move the right elbow around behind me to the target on the (ball to right elbow imagery plane angle) The wrist would cock etc to wherever feels comfortable & balanced (not to concerned with this position).
    I now move the right elbow from the back swing position forward directly towards the left toes. My right wrist feels like it is moving up through impact towards the target. (Like the feeling of throwing the club to the target)

    Move back, move forward. Simple, rhythmical, balanced, everything seams to be in sink, my mind is uncluttered.
    The amazing think this principle works with every club driver, irons, putting, chipping. (tossing a ball, club to the target).
    I now LOL on all the rotate hip etc etc comments, instructions.
    I now have “MY swing” do it my way !!!

    Thank you very much Cameron I’m now starting to enjoy the game!! not what I was doing wrong. If it goes good you beauty (ego trip), if not are well next shot. Putting “look & shoot” if I miss “I miss”
    The hard part before the game was not to have a score that I wanted, but play the game and enjoy it what ever the score ( not adding up the score until the round was over helps) 70 a good day, 90 well theirs away next week. This has taken 12 months

    Hopefully by the end of the year there will be many par rounds.

    Thanks again Cameron
    Ps hope this wasn’t to long winded or confusing (hard to put thoughts down on paper)

    • Cameron

      Reply Reply January 26, 2015

      Hi John, thanks for your comments.

      Looks like you’re on the right track for sure. My strongest advice is to keep simplifying your approach so you can think less when you play – this is how you master “your swing”.

      Keep up the great work.



      • Greg

        Reply Reply January 30, 2015


        Loved your webinar

        Tried to see what price for swing trainer, but unable to get that site open to consider your Xmas offer.

        Look fwd to hearing the price & Shaggy & how do I get site open if I choose order the Swing Trainer.

        Many Thanks

        Greg Coman

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