During the scientific testing I was keen to learn why so many golfers hit good shots when they made a smooth and controlled swing. You know the shot I’m talking about? You’re in the middle of the fairway and you take a smooth swing with the 7 iron. Whack! The shot feels like magic and sails straight for the flag.

But it keeps going and ends up flying the green and finishing 30 metres through the back. That easy swing with a seven iron ended up going as far as good four iron would. Has this ever happened to you? Would you like to know why?

A very simple backswing position. A short and powerful swing.

This was what intrigued me. We got all the test subjects to make a relaxed 3/4 swing and the data was recorded. Here’s what we found.

– When a 3/4 swing was made the swing actually got a little bit longer. I can only guess as to why but I think it was because the golfer relaxed. Instead of forcing the club all the way back, the golfer allowed the club to move into the perfect position for them. (note: This extra length is small, not detectable to the naked eye)

– The down swing was better because the body was better able to support the hands and arms.

So if you instantly want to hit the ball with more power make a backswing that is relaxed and comfortable. “Swing easy” is fairly common advice. But it works. Comfort could be the answer to tapping into a major mechanical advantage. An advantage that gives you more power without straining your body. A pretty good deal if you ask me.

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