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Video Summary

In this video we discuss the path to 80/20 Mastery. Scott and I also answer some of the most popular questions we've had in relation to 80/20.

There's also the big announcement of our first (the first ever in the golf world) 80/20 Golf Workshop/Seminar

  • A simpler approach will give you more "power"
  • You need to get an approximation of the putting line
  • Improvement is not linear
  • Become open to learning and what's possible
  • Playing more could be the simplest thing you could do right now to see improvement
  • The 80/20 Workshop is going live very soon

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  • Allan Kenny

    Reply Reply August 27, 2014

    Again great content and the idea of the more you put in the better results.as i said last time i went and played only got in 9 holes because of rain i tried to get the ball to go right to left or draw i closed the face of the club and my feet the best i got was fairly long and straight which is an improvement from the slice i will keep at it ,Do you have to turn you wrist. thank Allan kenny

  • Scott Barrow

    Reply Reply August 27, 2014

    Hi Allan,

    Thanks reporting back in. I’d say that is success – getting your ball to go straighter and longer versus only, a fade/slice. What do you have to do to/could you do, to get it to draw back more? What else could you try? Do you need to go more extreme? For me, I initially needed to have my feet closed 45 degrees to the ball direction and really hood the club!!

    Regarding the question on wrist action, without meaning to be condescending, why don’t you go and see for yourself? It may or may not. No one can really know how your body needs to move to get the ball to draw. They can only offer suggestions. But the best suggestions will come from your own observations. Give yourself time, keep exploring, be open to trying different approaches and you’ll soon enough find out I reckon.

    Good exploring…

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