The Golfers Nightmare

Lesson #1 - Target


You always need to choose a target on each shot. There is no exception to this rule. If you get lazy and/or distracted and you stop picking a target your golf will always be inconsistent. Here are some guidlines,

You need to be specific without going overboard. Choose a smallish target

I don't recommend getting too specific i.e. the blade of grass at the 100 metre mark

Choose your target first - this will help in deciding on the club to use

A good tip is you should be able to remember each target you chose throughout the round.

Lesson #2: Thinking

You must do all your thinking behind the ball. Too many golfers think and choose over the ball. You've got to break this habit by doing all the planning and preparation behind the ball. This includes,

  • Checking your scorecard
  • Having a practice swing
  • Working out the club and distance
  • Rehearsing the swing
  • Performing a swing drill

Lesson #3 - Walk to the ball

This part is essential. The walk to the ball allows you to phase out of conscious control and phase into automatic. A big part of this is having your eyes focused on the ball (not the target). This helps you avoid getting distracted by the target, the trouble or playing partners.

  • Keep your eyes focused on the ball
  • Walk in your natural style - don't be slow or fast - your normal pace is just fine
  • You're not thinking about your swing or target
  • Keep your mind in the "now" or the "present"

Lesson #4 - Getting Set

Another key aspect of maximizing your chances of better play is getting set first, and then worrying about (looking at) the target second. A key part of this is getting 100% ready and set before looking at the target. This helps to ensure you're in the correct frame of mind and bullet-proof from any nasty distractions.

Lesson #5 - Peeping at the Target

If you feel the need you can take a quick look at the target. This is used as a last chance to ensure all is good. If you look up and don't feel comfortable or your alignment doesn't feel right, you can start over again. This is not the time to over think the situation - keep your mind calm.

Lesson #6 - Get ready

You're almost ready to hit the ball. Use this moment to get centered and get comfortable.

Lesson #7 - Hit the ball

You can now hit the ball. And you're going to do so with a clear mind - there's no need to get in your own way by thinking about technique or some swing thought. Keep your mind clear and you'll do far better. This entire process should not take too long - you should find yourself not only playing better, but much more quickly than normal.


Your goal here is to play as naturally and as automatically as possible. My strong advice is to follow the above routine for a minimum of three rounds. This is enough time for you to experience something "remarkable" and allow your system to adjust to this "carefree" and fun way of playing golf. If you've been playing golf for a long time with lots of thought and analysis, it will take a little while for you to get comfortable with this approach. Please stick with it, it's worth the effort.

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