Interruption #3:
Making Golf Hard

Learning Secret #3:
Learn to see golf as one large happy system

A common approach is to break golf down into many parts; then build your game piece by piece and put it back together again.

Although this is a popular approach, it leads to many problems. The main concern is that your mindset is always on fixing something. Just when you think you’ve solved one problem – another one, two or three issues come to mind. It’s not much fun and doesn’t lead to better play.

  • Thinking about too many swing thoughts
  • Trying a different swing or method each time you play
  • Searching for the swing tip that will give you instant results
  • Breaking the golf swing down into many parts, then having to put it back together again
  • Getting stuck and not sure where to go next
  • Forgetting that golf is about playing, not fixing
  • Missing out on the real enjoyment that’s on offer. Golf should be fun but if you’re always fixing your swing you miss out. 

Best results are achieved when you think about golf has a complete system, not symptoms.

If you imagine your golf game has one system, including your golf swing, you’ll do just fine. The golf swing is just a part of the golf puzzle. Many golfers make the game difficult by focusing solely on the swing.

Example: Have you ever tried to fix your swing? It can be a difficult exercise. Think of the poor golfer that spends years working on one thing after the other. He has no real mission and his mindset is locked on getting something fixed.

Sadly this golfer never enters playing mode. He never lets go and never allows his system to express his full talent.

He misses out on years of fun and success. Sure, he turns up and has a hit – but does he really enjoy his game? I don’t think he does.

A huge part of my teaching is helping golfers learn the power of automatic golf.

Automatic (or natural learning) is when you learn to program in your swing and then be able perform the motion perfectly without thinking about the swing. This might just be the real secret to playing your best golf.

Think about it for a minute?

You’re standing on the first tee feeling nervous: but instead of stuffing up and duffing the shot, you’re able to tap into your “A-game swing” and hit a great shot.

And it gets better. If you do this properly, you’re able to play this way without thinking about your swing or any technique.

It’s like playing awesome golf without the stress or strain of remembering 101 things or the worry of doing something wrong.

Automatic Golf bypasses all the traditional issues of playing good golf when you feel the pressure. It gives you a simple strategy of unlocking success without you having to think about it.

Sound too good to be true?

Although it does sound amazing it’s actually how you do most other things in life.

Can you drive a car without panic and worry?

Are you able to ride a bike without too much stress?

Can you throw a ball consistently with power and accuracy?

Naturally the answer is a big YES!

And the reason you’re able to drive a car, ride a bike and throw a ball so well is because these skills have been learned to the automatic level.

Golfers have missed out on the magic of automatic because almost nobody is teaching it or understands it. When you make automatic golf part of your system, you will succeed.

And the only way you can unlock automatic is if you embrace the art of playing golf. You’ve got to stop thinking so much about your swing.

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