[Very Important] Why Golfers Don't Play As Well As They Should

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Why Golfers Don't Play As Well As They Should is a little on the controversial side. It shows why you've struggled to play your best golf and why the golf industry, for the most part, has let you down. It should only take you 10 or 15 minutes to read and I think will help give you a different perspective on the golf learning process. Download the book over there on the right.

When you've read the report please watch the video over at this page. This video gives you a rundown of the principles and shows the most important golf lesson I can give.

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If you're going to play your best golf, then at some point you've got to let go. You've MUST stop thinking so much - because it's all the thinking and analysis that's holding you back. Do you really think that all the worry about the perfect golf swing, your handicap and score is helping?

I have given 100's of golf lessons and spent years talking with golfers from all over, and the #1 learning issue is trying to do too much. When you learn HOW to simplify golf becomes a much easier and achievable pastime.