4 ways to fix your golf swing

fix your golf swing

Ever since being involved in a major biomechancal study into the golf swing and creating a simpler (but) accurate swing model, I’ve spent many hours perfecting the coaching process. One of the highlights of the study was getting to hang out with really smart sport scientists. They were complete geeks and when I got them…

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A super simple golf lesson

Here’s a really super simple golf lesson I gave a few years back. It still sticks in my mind as one of my best. And it was absolutely needed at the time, because this poor golfer was being overloaded with too many thoughts and ideas. She was getting down on herself because she had lost…

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The Gear Effect

Here at GolfGooRoo Global Headquarters I often get accused of not caring much about swing mechanics. This is not the case … … I just think that we tend to place too much significance on the swing and not enough on actually playing the game. Here’s a simple swing drill that ticks a lot of…

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