Justin Rose thinks better

Here’s an interesting article for those that are in the market for a better putting game.

While it may be possible (I don’t really think it works long term) to go all technical, change putters and fiddle about on the greens etc, Justin Rose offers a simpler alternative. This quote sums things up nicely,

“You can have the perfect stroke, but you’re not necessarily going to make putts,” Rose said. “It enables me to focus on the art form of putting and not obsess too much about the technique.”

Rose has learned to automate his putting so he doesn’t need to stress and worry about things so much. And it’s no surprise he’s putting better. The path for us “regular” golfers is to get comfortable over the putts and then putt freely. It sounds easy, but there’s really not much more you can do. The hard part is trusting in the process for the long haul. Most golfers let a miss or two derail them and then all the BS starts again.

I think Rose has now gotten past the crap stage with his putting (because he is trusting the automatic process) and can now become a truly dominant player. If you’re keen to see my updated thoughts on mastering the putting game then check out this book.

One more thing: The claw grip doesn’t really have anything to do with his success here. While it certainly may have helped him reach a level of automatic, it’s not the real reason. Learning to simplify his thoughts and staying true is the golden ticket. A golfer could almost stand on one leg and putt with one arm and become a very very good putter with the right mindset. The technique is only part of the equation. A small part.


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